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Hanne Blank is not a virgin. She's almost 37 and she's been living with her life partner for nine years -- we just thought we'd get that out of the way. But she is a historian, a writer, and an expert on virginity, having written the first-ever history High River casual sex the subject, Virgin: Since virginity is such a Women looking sex Point Blank topic these days, loiking asked her if she'd play 20 Questions with us about the subject of her book.

Let's pop the proverbial cherry and get lookimg out of the way. When a female fetus is growing during pregnancyher internal reproductive organs and her vagina develop separately from her external reproductive organs the labia and so forth.

The vagina starts Polnt as Women looking sex Point Blank solid cord that runs from the body wall to the uterus. Between the fifth and seventh months of Free adult white phone chat, that cord slowly hollows out and turns into a tube. But it still doesn't have an opening to the outside of the body -- it ends at the body wall. Finally the body wall starts Women looking sex Point Blank disintegrate at the point where the vagina meets it Bpank an opening forms in the body wall, and becomes the orifice outlet or opening of the vagina.

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What the hymen is is whatever remains of that body wall cling to the inside of the opening of the vagina after the opening forms. It is the "leftovers" of the sheet of flesh that used to separate the internal genitals from the external ones before the vagina had an opening.

The opening s in Women looking sex Point Blank center of the hymen are the entrance to the vagina.

I like to think of the hymen as a door frame mounted in a doorway that stands on the spot where "external" stops and "internal" starts. You can't go in or out of that doorway without passing through the door frame.

I disagree with the “sexy for the husband part”. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and married women were all about taking care of the house, the kids, cooking food, looking fat – getting fat was almost an expectation – and, once married, chopping off their long hair (it more comfortable to wear it this way and easier to keep, I was told). "Formerly promiscuous women" When I was younger, they used to call em used up sluts. "Because men can have sex without worrying about pregnancy, social stigma, rape, less about STDs, etc., they attempt to have sex more often.". What Do Men Need From Women? 5 Insights Recognize when you may unintentionally push him away. Posted Oct 30,

The hymen is exactly the same. It is part of the entrance to the vagina. Nothing can enter or exit the vagina without going through it.

Medical science thinks that pretty much everyone does.

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Researchers have estimated that about 0. You betcha they do. Many mammals have hymens, including but not limited to llamas, Women looking sex Point Blank pigs, bush babies, manatees, moles, toothed whales, chimpanzees, elephants, rats, lemurs, and seals. This is because mammals' reproductive systems often tend to develop in similar ways to one another, so they have a lot of similarities in structure.

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I like to joke that it's good for keeping the bears out. But really, we don't know why human beings have hymens. They don't seem to serve any purpose for us, or for many of the other animals that have them.

Marriage in Medieval Times By Rachelle Carter. When someone says the word marriage today we think about two people who are in love and who want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. I disagree with the “sexy for the husband part”. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and married women were all about taking care of the house, the kids, cooking food, looking fat – getting fat was almost an expectation – and, once married, chopping off their long hair (it more comfortable to wear it this way and easier to keep, I was told). It looks like you’re trying to find a page that may have been moved or not longer exists. Please try using our search function to find your content. Are you looking for a Bay Guardian story that was published before ? If so, read on. The print and online articles from the Bay Guardian newspaper and [ ].

In some animals, the hymen appears to have more of a function: Scientists are not really sure what good this does the guinea pigs. But it is an excellent party trick. Not usually, although there can sometimes be.

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The most common hymen problem that doctors see is called imperforate hymen. An imperforate hymen is a body wall that doesn't dissolve properly as it is supposed to when the fetus is developing.

Instead of having Women looking sex Point Blank vaginal openingthe baby is born with no opening to the vagina, just unbroken skin where the vagina opening should be. It's considered a very minor birth defect and is easy to correct, but Date a Rich Man Sussex Virginia it is not detected until a girl hits puberty This isn't because her ovaries and uterus aren't working but because there's no way for the menstrual fluid to get out.

The Women looking sex Point Blank gets backed up inside the vagina and causes a condition called hematocolpos -- a big wad of blood, if you don't want to use the medical term. This can cause pain, so it is often what prompts sufferers to see a gynecologist.

The doctor takes a look and -- "Congratulations, you have an imperforate hymen! Obviously, what has to happen so that the vagina can do the things it's supposed to do and the woman can menstruate normally is that an opening has to be made Women looking sex Point Blank the imperforate hymen.

Basically the doctor has to do what Mother Nature didn't, and create an opening for the vagina.

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This is done in a quick surgical procedure called a hymenotomy that takes just a couple of minutes and Women looking sex Point Blank doesn't even hurt much. Sometimes hymenotomies are done with lasers, sometimes with a traditional surgical scalpel. After the hymenotomy, the vagina will be fully functional and there should be no further problems. Occasionally, women don't Sexy girls Charlotte imperforate hymens but do have very resilient or nflexible hymens.

There is a lot more variation in types of hymens than you might think, and while some of them are so fragile that doctors can't even examine them without having them literally fall to pieces, some are so sturdy that they cause problems when women want to use tampons or have penetrative sex.

Most of the time, these kinds of hymens can be gradually stretched by using fingers or objects that can be inserted into the vagina. Doctors sometimes prescribe vaginal insertion devices called stents, but some women bypass that and just use small dildos instead, since both accomplish the same thing.

Women looking sex Point Blank time, the hymenal Women looking sex Point Blank gets stretched sufficiently that it no longer causes a problem. When stretching the hymen doesn't seem to help, or if the doctor thinks it is easier not to bother with trying to stretch it, he or she might prescribe a hymenotomy to enlarge the opening instead. This is the same as the procedure that's done for imperforate hymens.

The hymen will sometimes be abraded or torn during intercourse because it is being stretched further than it has been before, but not always. Others are less stretchy and more fragile and they may tear at the slightest touch.

And some Women looking sex Point Blank in between.

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The big reason that a hymen doesn't have to be "broken" is that unless it happens to be an imperforate hymen see above it already has a hole in it. Hymens exist because the vaginal opening forms. Nothing needs to be "broken" in order to create that opening -- Pointt was already there before the woman was Women looking sex Point Blank born. As I've said, hymens may or may not be affected in any way by sexual activity.

They assumed that there must be some part of the vagina that was literally broken open by the penis the first time the vagina was penetrated. Women looking sex Point Blank

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What people thought that part was varied depending on who you asked. There were some pretty wacky explanations: Another believed that there were five blood vessels that more or less tied the vagina closed until the blood vessels were broken by the penis.

Women looking sex Point Blank

In the tenth century, a gifted Arab doctor named Ibn Sina we have a custom of spelling his name Women looking sex Point Blank determined that there was a small ridge or flap of skin inside the vaginal opening and that it was this that was damaged by the penis during first intercourse and caused pain and bleeding. The existence of this little bit of skin was confirmed in by the world-famous Poinnt anatomist Andreas Vesalius, who was the first person to find it in an actual dissection.

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Ibn Sina was both right and wrong: And Women looking sex Point Blank when it is, it may or may not be painful or cause bleeding. Just the same, Ibn Sina was more on the right track than the doctors before Wmen, so he gets the credit for being the first guy with the right answer about what Women looking sex Point Blank mysterious thing inside the vagina might be.

So what the hymen has to do with virginity is that it has had the reputation -- for a little over a thousand years -- of being the part of the vagina that is damaged during first intercourse. No one really knows where or when it started. Anthropologists believe that human beings may have come up with the idea of virginity at about the same time as they learned how to domesticate animals and plants, during the Neolithic Era.

Virginity has played a lot of lookimg roles in our lives. Some of the roles have been more important at certain points in time, and other roles have been more Women looking sex Point Blank at others.

Among other things, virginity has been a way to make sure of the paternity Blak children, an expression of holiness, a source of honor for families and individuals, a way of controlling women's behavior, a way of keeping women from being controlled by men, and a Sexy housewives wants nsa Winston-Salem reliable contraceptive.

The reasons that some of these things have been more important than others at certain times are complicated -- I'd recommend that people who are curious about this read my book, because Women looking sex Point Blank takes a lot more room than I have here to explain! The people who use the concept of virginity end up deciding how it should be defined. It's a lot Women looking sex Point Blank other abstract qualities that way.

Since you can't see or feel or smell virginity or weigh it on a scale, the standards for deciding what a virgin looming or isn't can be pretty arbitrary really.

Some people have felt that virginity is primarily a physical thing. Others have felt that it is really psychological, or spiritual. Or it might be defined as having some physical elements and some psychological ones as well. Generally, the people who have gotten to make the decisions about how virginity is defined have been people in positions of power over young women's lives. Parents and older relatives, community Women looking sex Point Blank, and especially religious and medical authorities have always had a lot of clout in terms of deciding what the critera for virginity were at any given Pount.

For much of human history, a woman's life was literally at the mercy of virginity.

A woman who lost her virginity before she married was pretty much doomed: This was true whether she had lost her virginity voluntarily or been raped -- it didn't matter. Women who Blanl their virginities when they weren't married were often disowned. This would make them homeless, and leave them without any means of providing for themselves. Many disowned women ended up turning to prostitution to support themselves, not because they wanted to but because they Womem nowhere to go and owned nothing else that they could sell.

In ancient Athens, the law required that young women who lost their virginities before marriage be sold into slavery, because that was all Women looking sex Point Blank were worth once they had Women looking sex Point Blank their reputations and their family honor.

Roman law allowed fathers to murder their daughters Poinr the men who had seduced them if the daughters lost their virginities before marriage.

San Francisco Bay Guardian | Looking for a Guardian article?

The same has been true Women looking sex Point Blank many other places and times. In some parts Pointt the world, "honor crimes" are still commonplace -- women who lose their virginity before marriage can be beaten, mutilated, or killed by their families. Sometimes this happens just because a father or brother or other male relative thinks she might have done something "dishonorable.

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Virginity has sometimes been a matter of life and death. Other Women looking sex Point Blank it has made the difference between a miserable life of poverty and not.

Or between being able to find a partner and not. Or some combination of these things. I think that lloking a lot on what you mean when you say "virginity. In that mode, "virginity" is just a useful way of describing someone's sexual history.

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On the other hand, if what Poinh mean by "virginity" is "a particular quality that women have to have or else we kill them," I'd say that's pretty harmful.