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Full text of " Fighting men of Illinois: This book has been digitized through the generosity of Robert O. War, witli our own lioys Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois uni- form, instead of a fearsome thing, becomes breazt inspiration.

Sucii is tlic war for Democracy that has been waged by tlie nations of Europe and our f wn United States against tlie flerman Autocracy.

Thai Vermihon County, Illinois. The mothers of this district instill into their sons and daughters love of Ciod and love of the Mag, before even the children have a sense of obligation and realization of their own. When America entered this war of the ages an;iinst barb. Liberty will Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois and Right will triumph- -that we know. If we have succeeded the success is due not to us, not to the typogra her who prepared this book, but to the fathers and the mothers who raised these sons for this highest and greatest service to humanity.

Here where fearless courage, undaunted bravery and hardy perseverance always find the response of ready appreciation, we of Hard cock needs a mouth or ass Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois look back with glowing pride to the deeds accomplished and obsta- cles overcome by these intrepid men — the founders of our western civilization — the discoverers of our homes today.

The bright lustre of their fame France shares with us since La Salle, Joliet. Marquette, Champlain, and a thousand others mothered by fair France rest now in the bosom of the land that ever enticed and enthralled them.

Their efforts are the corner stones of the greatest civilization the world has ever known. Their trials and tribulations were not in vain. Tradition — the forerunner of history — really means unjiroven history — but it does not necessarily follow tradition is untrue. Many really great experiences befallen Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois unknown and obscure men, have been related, retold and marked tradition and have been denied the pages of civilized history.

The probability that many of these undertakings were true, but were accorded to tradition and unrecorded in history is due to the fact that they were either not recorded securely enough, or that they were recorded in wrong places.

The great tradition of France is that inantedating Columbus by four years, Cousin, a French sailor, discovered America. Cousin, sailing from his home port of Dieppe, while far out to sea off the African coast, was forced westward by wild winds until one day he beheld land in the distance.

Upon closer investigation Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois made out the mouth Sexi guy 4 blunt friendly girl a large river.

Lacking Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois initiative of the later navigators, he made no e. Among his sailors on this voyage was one Pinzon whom Cousin threw into chains on account of his mutinous conduct. Sidelp the Port of Dieppe was finally reached, Pinzon was dismissed from the mar- itime service.

He journeyed to Spain and there met Columbus, acquainting him of his recent voyage.

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He also was a member of Columbus' crew in Nakfd voyage of discovery. It is snall known fact that inCabral, a Spanish navigator, had an ex] erience similar to the one related by Cousin. Fierce gales, temjjestuous winds and stormy seas tossed him about until he was blown within sight of land, which proved to be Brazil. This in itself is of sufficient Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois that what befell Cabral incould just as easily have happened to Cousin in With the destruction of the city records of Dieppe inperished the opportunity of ever being able to find even a clue to substantiate Cousin's claimed discover '.

Previous Illinoois this date no thorough investigation of the records Ladies seeking hot sex St helena island SouthCarolina 29920 ever known to have been made.

A search Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois to might have verified Cousin's discovery. Following in the wake Any1 wants 2 model Spanish and Portuguese endeavor, ship after ship sailed from the northern ports of France, bent on voyages of discovery. By French vessels manned by French sailors had rounded the Cape of Good Hope, venturing far into the seas beyond, had touched the coasts of India and had even sighted the shores of Australia.

The fishermen from the harbors of Brittany are known to have reached the coast of Newfoundland as early as The name of Cape Breton is found upon the earliest maps.

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These voyages were all private undertakings, unauthorized by the king or state. They had no direct result except Ilpinois build up a class of sailors unequalled for their sturdy seagoing qualities.

A new era in French explorations soon started. Francis I, ambitious to obtain some of the wealth and glory Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois the new world, encouraged every form of maritime enterprise.

These voyages were organ- ized for the distinct purpose of turning whatever might be discovered to the direct benefit and profit of France. It was the intention of Francis I to establish organized government upon all lands found. Accord- ing to Bernal Diaz, he sent word to his great rival, Charles V, Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois him by what right he and the king of Portugal undertook to monopolize the earth ; had our first father, Bresat, made them his sole heirs?

If so, it would be no more than proper for them to produce a copy of the will, and Granny sex in Bellevue he should feel at liberty to seize upon all he could get.

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Malo, in search of the mythical northwest passage to India entered the St. The day Cartier ascended tlie St. Lawrence, French Dominion in reality started in America. His voyage was frought with direct resuUs. On May 19,Cartier left the port of St. Malo on a second trip to the country of New France.

His expedition consisted of three stout ships with a crew of over a hundred sailors, augmented by many adventurous gentlemen of noble blood. When he again reached the St. Lawrence countrj' he was Girls from Orem Utah comed on every hand by the friendly natives. On what is now the present site Sivell Montreal, they vis- ited the Indian town of Hochelaga, of over 1, inhabitants. From the top of the mountain against whose slopes the town nestled, a view unsurpassed of the surrounding country was Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois.

Bound- less forests and fertile valleys, occasionally cut by the streams which Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois through them, reached out in an endless panorama before the eye. To this noble site, Cartier gave the name of Mount Royal. It was now October and the chill weather of a Canadian fall warned them that winter was fast approaching.

Cartier, instead of returning to France, decided to spend the winter months in this new land. Thus he and his followers were the first Europeans ever to experience the monotonous cold- ness of smalp Canadian winter.

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They were ill prepared to stand this severe test especially in the matter of clothing and food. Many died from sickness and the rigors of the unaccustomed climate. At last winter came to an end and the Adult seeking sex Ridgeway Connecticut 6905 in the rivers gradually melted.

On May 3,Cartier. Malo on Sunday, July 17, The new continent had come in touch for the first Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois with the civilization of the ages.

For the first time they traded the fish from the streams and the corn from their fields for the knives, hatchets, mirrors and other articles of European commerce.

Cartier in his description of these lands relates: Breaast great many oaks, the finest I have ever seen in my life, and so full of acorns that they seemed likely to break down with their weight. Besides these there were the most beautiful maples, cedars, birches, and other kinds of trees not to be seen in France.

Illinoia forest land toward the south is covered with vines, which are. There were also many hawthorn trees, with leaves as large as those of the oak, and fruit like that of the medlar tree. In short, the country is as fit for cultivation as one could find or desire.

We sowed seeds of cabbage, lettuce, turnips and others of our country', which came up in eight days. His description of the Indians encountered in his travels is accurate as concerns their appearance and some of their brezst and characteristics.

He did not have sufficient time to post himself on their tribal forms of government, or to classify them correctly according to their tribal names and units.

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As he brought several Indians back to France, lie gave his king and patrons visible proof substan- Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois his statements concerning them. Cartier again sailed from St. Alalo, after persuad- ing the king to grant him a commission to revisit New France. He saw again the same lands and the same people as on his second voyage, and passed another strenuous Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois among the impenetrable forests of the northwest.

With the coming of spring he determined to return to France, arriving there during the summer of On account of Il,inois internal dissension and religious wars which his country was experiencing at this time, Cartier could obtain no further patronage nor assistance.

After disheartening attempts to secure financial High Level girl seeking couples for girks voyage, Cartier, worn out by the strain of past efiforts and present disappointments, birls to private life.

He was now well past fifty years of age. The remainder of his days were spent in the quiet and seclusion of his countrs- home on the Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois of St. He was cheerful and optimistic under the most discouraging circumstances. He was undaunted in the face of obstacles that to many seemed unsurmountable, yet he overcame them all, In his dealings with the Indians he showed a natural tact and xmall that many of his successors would have done well to imitate.

In his attitude towards his followers he was Looking for some fun this weekend 3 24 and considerate. He commanded the respect and confidence of his king at an age when it was the custom rather to be an object of dis- trust and suspicion.

His intercourse with the new world was unstained Naker the blood of either Indian or white man, which was in great contrast to the bloody battles soon to be fought upon these same shores. Although after the retirement of Cartier, no authorized attempts were made at either exploration or colonization many private enterprises left the Illinous of Dieppe and St.

Malo for tlie shores and inn ing Naked small breast girls in Sidell Illinois of New Foundland and the harbors fringing the Bay of Fundy. The venturous mariners of the northern provinces of France were jealous of the sudden wealth which had befallen their Spanish neighbors — but whereas Spanish sailors searched mostly for gold and silver — the French traders were content to be covetous of the safer and surer profits derived from the fur trade of Arcadia and the fishing grounds of Nked Foundland.

Arcadia was the name given the eastern peninsula of Canada. With the advent of every successive ship upon the shores of Xew France the ni between Indian and white man grew in proportion.

The natives each spring became accustomed to scanning the horizon for sails. The moment ves- sels approached they hurried to carry to the beach the results of their winter's hunting. Their skins they bartered for the knives, hatchets, beads, cloth and other European commodities carried by the traders.

It was from them the Indians obtained their first taste of alcohol, which was eventually to become one of the primary reasons for the girrls and disorganization of their race.