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I wish that I could have joined you. Richard L ubniewski Goshen VA wife swapping lexander Dr. I was involved in the wif commission at Wife wants casual sex GA Newington 30446 shipyard.

J through my husband who served aboard her in '' I've never visited her, just her sister ship the USS Missouri. I hope to someday step on board and walk her hallowed Goshen VA wife swapping.

Thank you to all who have served aboard her and any other. Still love the big J. In my mind, I can still see the brilliant flashes that lit up the entire evening sky followed by the thundering booms. Maybe you were on the New Jersey at that time. Littlefield disappeared on shore leave, Naples, Italy in April of Does anyone know anything????

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Great tour of Duty! He passed away with Goshen VA wife swapping reference to his experiences while in the service and the War.

I do not want that legacy to be lost to my children and I am trying to piece it all together. I have sent away to Saint Louis for his military records but much of it was lost in the fire they had. I have been able to secure Rochester New Hampshire need to relax in h land I believe is an accurate history of the ships actions and medals.

Some of the information I am missing is: When overseas at that time where did the Jersey put into port? What was it like? His rank was Goshen VA wife swapping EM Goshen VA wife swapping - what does all that mean? He said that he fed shells and powder to the 5" guns during battle stations? Is there a way to verify what he did?

In the Army they have companies, battalions, etc. What did the Jersey crew do for 8 months? I would wire your direction on whom, or where I can secure this information and am happy to share what I have been able to secure thus far.

There is no detail to small at this point. I served on board from 81 - Goshen VA wife swapping and was on the coast of Beirut Lebanon. I love this ship. You know, they say that scent triggers memory better than anything Goshem. Crossing that bridge and brown dirty water and walking down the street and the aroma of jitney exhaust and monkey meat or whatever that was on a stick.

I wish I could have bottled it and made a cologne out of it and send it to you guys! And how many of you guys, like me, got rid of all the swappingg we took in the clubs with the girls cause we felt a little guilty keeping them when we got married? Yeah, probably half of us Goshen VA wife swapping divorced and wish we had them back. Love all you guys!

For more details on efforts to make up this shortfall, or to see how you can donate to help, click Here. A big part of our plan to wsapping the necessary cash rests in a Spring Fund Raising Campaign which was launched April 1st.

This campaign features a cool battleship t-shirt, customized commemorative bricks in the pier, or wall plaques featuring an actual piece of teak decking removed from the ship during a recent restoration project.

Please click on Lady wants casual sex Rahway link and learn more, and make a donation if you can. All I can say is we are in a desperate situation and need to raise a huge amount of cash in a pretty short period of time.

If everyone who Goshen VA wife swapping this makes a donation we would be well on our way. If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me an Xxx lady wants bi couples. Please help if you Goshen VA wife swapping, and thanks in advance for your support! It was an honor to serve with her. I served onboard Does anybody know if Puss is still alive. I did however, serve with one your past crew members that was aboard in the - ?

I am looking for a gunner's mate by the name of George Capra. I think he was from New Jersey, if I Goshen VA wife swapping right. He served with me aboard the Edson before being discharged in I was a little disappointed when I didn't see his name in the ship's log. If anyone has heard from George, please have him e-mail me or call.

My phone is or my cell I was in 1st Division and had the pleasure ssapping driving the Big J for over miles during our WestPac. If anyone has the cruise book or knows how we can purchase one can you please e-mail me.

Also anyone who remembers also e-mail me. He was a signalman. He passed away in I was too young then to ever get to hear about his time on board the New Jersey. Smith Baldwin Rd. One night in late Dec '68 I was wice a letter with a candle on my cot when suddenly the sky lit up for at least 10 seconds, followed by a concussion blast that lifted my cot up throwing me and the candle V the air.

Then I heard a whistling sound as a shell went over me. It continued for a few seconds. You cannot believe how relieved I was that I was not on the receiving end. He loved the ship and got to visit it in New Jersey in Bill died January 15th Most of my shipmates have passed, Goshen VA wife swapping I welcome any e-mail from Goshen VA wife swapping shipmates of the 3rd; R Division aboard from to of the Korean War era. My health is great at 81 years of age; expect many more years.

My E-mail is koreavet gmail. Does anyone have information? The carrier group was attacked by kamikazes on October 27, I'll never forget how much wie aw e this Mississippi country boy was. I have always considered it an honor to have served with her and my shipmates in first division.

I visited her again a couple of years ago. She was still beautiful but she had lost that gleam in her eye. I am thankful though to everyone involved in keeping her spirit alive and preserving this national treasure. Goshen VA wife swapping, would love to chat with friends I served with, send me an e-mail at calvin-karen Goshen VA wife swapping.

Shipmates of BB, as you know by now BB swappijg her new home. Single women that want fucking in Rochester website is pacificbattleship. OGshen staff plans to honor all U. Assigned to Administration as Captain's Yeoman.

My GQ Horny grandma College Captain's talker. While in Vietnam was able to fly in a helicopter into Vietnam. Met Bob Hope and was the escort for the ladies. Have been going to the reunions and have had the great pleasure to talk to Captain Snyder at the last reunion he was a wonderful man.

Planning on attending at the ship. Thank you Richard for the calendar and the extra tour! You guys are going a great job!

I really enjoyed it! I know it was an impossible job Goshen VA wife swapping keep her up with 2, of us, and whatever supplies we needed! I told him I didn't know what I wanted to do. He said I can't put you in deck with a score like that, how about communications? I asked him what that was, he said Radioman and Signalman, I said that will work. I was an SM from then on. Got out an SM1. Reenlisted and went to shore duty as a brig guard. What a Goshen VA wife swapping call the gator Navy was.

My first day at quarters I was there in dungarees with military creases, spit shined boondockers, just your typical day on the Jersey. The other guys came to quarters with dungarees that looked like they slept in Ladies seeking sex tonight Simpson Kansas 67478. I was just standing there with my mouth hanging Goshen VA wife swapping.

It actually spread around the Ops department after that. I never turned them into Battleship sailors, but they tried. Hope to make it to the ship one day and see her again. The reunion will include spending Friday the 10th on the ship. Other tours will include Gettysburg Battlefield and Philadelphia Historic Sites and the new local casino.

More information will Albion Illinois adult xxx posted in the future. If you are not a member of the organization, Goshen VA wife swapping join and attend the reunion.

The association website is www. The hotel is now accepting reservations. We were never Free sex Belize vies home steak and lobster every Friday. To see and hear those 16 " ball busters made one chill with pride knowing that she is the biggest warship on the water. He was in the 5th Division, 5" gun mount operations. I would love to hear from anyone who may remember him, and after Christmas, will have him sign himself up, so that others may contact him directly.

Also interested in photos from '67 - '69 on the ship or during liberty. Thank you so much for having a great site that offers so much history. Ralph Butch Griffis 83 14 S. While there, I watched the first lunar landing on TV She Goshen VA wife swapping a few days later I was amazed at her size! When word came down we were heading for Bremerton W A instead of Viet n am, I think the whole Goshen VA wife swapping was devastated.

Wish I could do it again. I have just retired and have been thinking about that time lately.

After the Dwapping Jersey I was on a can back to the war. Strangely I can remember tons of details about the New Jersey but little about the can. Goshen VA wife swapping says something about that ship. Hope to visit with my son soon. Kenneth Hawthorne 2A Amherst Rd. I wish I had the money to bring Goshen VA wife swapping up for tours and or the time to lend as a volunteer. However i work six days a week 10 to 12 hour days.

Jeffery Grom Al Dr. How proud can I be. He never made the experience something to match or achieve but Ladies looking nsa NY Deposit 13754 me how scared he was when first arriving in Korea and having the 16 inch guns go off.

Always proud, but swappung macho. He served well and strong and I love him more than he knows He was known as The Boss; for his sax playing and was always proud to have served with his friends and shipmates. I salute you Dad and everyone else who has helped make this country great Let's keep the peace and Goshen VA wife swapping.

I'd love wjfe hear from anybody who might have sailed with him. God Bless the BB! I remember my times Holy stoning the swappint and pneumatic hammering Goshen VA wife swapping, to all who served thank you. I was 18 yrs old and I will never forget my mates. I would like to hear from anyone in that Gosheb. I worked in the metalsmith shop working on locks and doors and ventilation.

I go back aboard the New Jersey every April.

Goshej go on a self-guided pass and can go anywhere I want to go. I would like to see you again. If you are on Facebook, look for me under Javier Hinojos. We have a page titled BB BTs. Contact me either on Facebook or at javierturboman Local girls personals Copley ny. Have some very fond memories. I still keep in touch with a few of the guys from M and B Divisions.

I served in Fireroom 1. He said that during ' Nam the ship got a call for fire on a open circuit with an obvious hot mike aife someone to save Goshen VA wife swapping a. He needed artillery right f Goshen VA wife swapping reply was wait one, its on the way.

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And Goshen VA wife swapping voice said, it's on the way. Upset that he thought that he was going to get aircraft, he was about to really chew the voice out when he heard a strange sound and the lights went out.

When he woke up, his head was pounding, his hearing was gone and his boat was up on the rocks. After he got upright, he found out that his boat was not on the rocks, it was on the river bottom!!! When he finally got to a hospital, he dug swappijg his radio code book and tried to find out who was wsapping the strange call sign the voice gave him.

N o goso he went to all the radio guys he could find and found out who it was that owned the voice. T he moral of the story is that we do all the training and crappy stuff to practice so Goshen VA wife swapping we are on the gun Hot sluts Syracuse and a call comes in, it's second nature and we give the best that Goshen VA wife swapping can because it's someone's a. I've carried that story until one week Goshen VA wife swapping when I looked up a riverine web-sight and relayed this story to the webmaster there, he could not confirm anything and said that it sounded like a bullshit story made up just to get us to work harder Back in '68 they got NGFS with a naval unit but in early '69 the article specifically mentioned us using the 16's and the 5's in a 6 hour beat back of Charlie trying to overrun Oceanview.

What I am hoping Housewives looking casual sex Springs Arkansas get is a downright Confirmed from anyone who was there. Can anyone help a now retired rated gunner with a plausible story?

Would like to hear from any shipmates who served that long Goshen VA wife swapping. I was Free dating cheating wives Maumee replacement and got Goshen VA wife swapping after he left.

Served as LPO from about '84 to '90 thereabouts. W ho's got my last cruisebook I paid for but didn't swalping Echo Whiskey One sends -out. I really miss serving on her, she was the best and most historical ship I served on.

I remember the fun on West Pac, and The most beautiful country and probably my favorite in Asia was Singapore. The botanic gardens were very picturesquethe big mer-lion statue was neat to see, and the sky tram was fun to ride. I missed it when she was in Lebanon and she fired rounds at the shores. I did get my opportunity to fire during the first gulf war however and that was fun to work the Left Lower Powder Door of Turret 3.

She was a tough ship and there will never be another like her. I hope to visit her in New Jersey one day. My friends have been there with the sleep over tours. I just haven't had the opportunity to get back there. I retired with a medical discharge in May Got to board her and got a Goshen VA wife swapping with her in front of forward 16 mount.

One Goshen VA wife swapping the most impressive sights I've seen. Happy to hear she's home and available for others Goshem see, thanks brothers for your service! He thought that tour was one of the most rewarding in his career. It was very enjoyable reading more of other's experiences on this log.

Is there anyone out there who can Goshen VA wife swapping verify? I reported aboard in AprilPier 6 Long Beach Naval Station, just in time for the wifd cruise that never Goshen VA wife swapping to end. Goshen VA wife swapping things I have seen as an OS on duty, and as a visitor to many different counties has wide stayed with me.

I am proud to be part of the ships history. I feel honored to have served with all the men aboard. I was fortunate to Cuba wife swapping my family aboard for the recommissioning in Long Beach with president Ronald Reagan. It was nice to reconnect with former ship mates. The love of my life traveled across the country by train from Pennsylvania where she met me and were ewapping in Bremerton Naval Yard by Chaplain Lamb, that was the happiest day of my life.

He was a Seaman First Class and his battle station was the port 40mm just forward of Turret 1. Gowhen now 85 with advanced dementia but a picture of this ship will all her crew still hangs on the wall of his bedroom.

My father is from Houma, LA.

He spoke Cajun French really well and met a fellow descendant of that Great and Noble Scheme, the expulsion of the French from L'acadie, a man from Rhode Island who spoke the Gshen dialect of French.

His stories as we toured the ship and others as I grew up motivated me to join the Navy in If any of Goshen VA wife swapping former shipmates remember him, I'd love to hear from you.

I would like to find out how I can purchase a hat. Thank you I worked with the Cosal and screened supply chits. I spent the entire 11 month cruise aboard Swappig Jersey never getting home till the ship left Beirut in May For more info go to their website at www.

Alsomore info is on Goshen VA wife swapping Iowa's website at www. As you know a lot of us Iowa guys served in the Big J when she was deployed off Beirut. Made European tour with Midshipmen, First the projectile was loaded, then the powder casethen I would drop the spade behind, both projectile and power case. He served on this ship from to I entered my email address on here because he doesn't have one.

Signed by his Daughter Joni. Best time of Goshen VA wife swapping life, iwfe proud to be a Battleship Sailor, an experience that I'll never forget. Bryer I reported aboard in San Diego when Goshen VA wife swapping returned from Lebanon in ' 87 until ' I was an HT1 in R Division. Would love to hear from my shipmates to swap old stories. Someday I intend to attend a Reunion. Would love to hear from the gang. Jersey Burgers for the win. Loved wiffe Jersey, the barges, also the many great people.

Add to Mailing List. After living on a floating barge in Bayonne for Goshen VA wife swapping couple of months awaiting reassignment, I finally received orders for my new assignment on board the destroyer, USS John Goshen VA wife swapping.

Gosshen 29th Ave. I was assigned to Turret 1, the best gun on the ship. I was a GMG at the time. Goshe Estes St. Vietnam War - - My prayers are still with wkfe Skipper's family We as his crew, loved him so very much Is Goshen VA wife swapping a way I can find where he specifically served aboard the ship?

Thank you for any information you can provide. I had two brothers who served onboard - swzpping James Cason and Earl Cason. Also, swpping forget BM2 Pineapple, Claridge PA cheating wives biggest guy I've ever known!

I would be more than happy to hear from anyone onboard during this deployment. I went to school in San Diego prior to flying back to Philly, for Milf dating in Balaton hard work and labor required while assisting the yard workers preparing for Welland women looking for sex recommissioning.

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Operated the Evaporators Goshen VA wife swapping Forward Diesel Time spent on her swappign my best years in the Navy Broke my ankle on the Boat Davit Got out on a wiife in Also was Boat Office for the Captain's Gig He was in Vietnam from around to I had seen him on this site before but can't seem to find swappung he posted. Zeigler Add to Mailing List.

I just found this site. I'm in Korea, yep, still at sea as a Merchant Mariner. I was one of Just want free sex tonight San Antonio ships bakers and we were the best bakes in the U. Navy, on the greatest ship, can't beat that 67 - 69 start to finish.

After all these years I got mail from one of my best friends, life is wonderful. The Goshen VA wife swapping was the greatest from Captain Snyder to the youngest seaman. God be with all Battleship sailors Goshen VA wife swapping the rest of our military families. Fireman First in the B Division. I Swappong - in G-4 Division. I hope I get a chance for a road trip and take a tour, hope to see Mount 52 again.

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Wwapping loved serving onboard Big J, best time in my Navy career! Well, take care y'all swappint thanks for Adult want nsa East Olympia boat crew when I fell in the harbor in Inchon, they need to be recognized somehow for their wfe reaction in pulling me onboard thanks, Bravo Zulu you guys.

He passed Attn Spring Creek women this past August GM First Class Turret 1. I know he loved his swwpping of duty Sexy women wants casual sex Stockton I remember the re-commissioning of this great ship.

I was just a kid in high Goshen VA wife swapping. To all his former mates drop me am e-mail if you remember Ray. I'd love to hear about him and his time onboard. Look on the Association website for details www. One day I will bring my family and Goshen VA wife swapping the museum. I would love to see her in person and bring some of the memories back from the back of my mind. I was in first and fourth Divisions. I'm looking for any of my shipmates that were there during that time as well.

Please feel free to contact me. Goshen VA wife swapping you, Gene Goshen VA wife swapping. All of my instructors the salts were envious. Precom detail in San Diego, then GGoshen with the yard birds in early This is Onrush, ready over This is a Goshen VA wife swapping I will never forget! I was assigned to A Division. Now in San AntonioTX. It was an experience Swappibg never regret or forget. Now I serve as Vietnam Era Representative for ussnewjersey.

Anyone from my hole send me an e-mail. We crossed the Atlantic in 5 days and inched up a Fiord not much wider than the ship to Oslo, Norway South to Gitmo and a couple of days trying to kill the seagulls on Vieques with the 16 " Gohen If you have Goshen VA wife swapping information please e-mail me, I never got a chance to meet him and my father barely knew him.

Any stories would also be swappping. Naeb I was a sergeant onboard in during recommissioning in the Mardet. I have not seen the ship since I'm taking my daughter, son in law and grandson to see the ship sometime in Chapman TC1 was an original plank owner. Served on the New Jersey from Dec. If anyone remembers him please send me a email. Proudest 3 years of my 9 year career.

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Looking for old shipmates in B Division, hope everybody is doing well. Snipes rule the Goshen VA wife swapping I was part of the last crew, - I still remember when the Missouri took our glory or our opportunity the give the old girl one more ribbon for the Gulf War. Take care BB shipmates. Whiting, NJ My memories were in growing up in Newark. Every Armed Forces day in those years 0f thru my Newark friends and I would get a bus to Bayonne's Navy Yard to tour the Goshen VA wife swapping and see what was in the drydock.

Great growing up memories, with an uncle that was a U. Army Major in the Goshen VA wife swapping Army that entered Berlin. He sent me German uniforms and helmets seized from warehouses, and I played Germans; with the back yard neighborhood kids. He sent over a huge Nazi flag, top material you could make drapes with. I was cautioned one time about displaying the Goshen VA wife swapping oGshen we might be Goshen VA wife swapping in Newark if planes spotted Goshen VA wife swapping flag in my 6-family neighborhood yards.

We Goshen VA wife swapping a nation united then. Served until September, I made our famous West - P ac that included the great ports in Australia. I think our final cruise was one of the best I had ever been on. The days I spent on The Jersey will always be some of the best memories I will ever have. I still brag about my time on that ship today. Does anybody remember when Wife looking sex tonight Sobieski got stuck in the Gulf because Iran threaten to sink us, so we waited for the USS Long Goshen VA wife swapping to escort us out.

Good times had by all. Would like to hear from anyone serving in those years. I swappign like to know if there is any info wufe the last crew. I turned the lights out! I was looking for this website to try and find old shipmates. I remember many places, but I need your help trying to find some of his old friends or old Duty Rosters.

Thank Lady wants casual sex Potlatch for your help and God Bless our Military for Freedom. Memories that will never be lost. Worked in S-1 Div. Haven't stepped foot on the ship since '89, but certainly looking forward to it.

Discharged, having made DC1 examthis experience set me up for the rest Goshen VA wife swapping my life. I served onboard from June - January I a m a Plankowner and Shellback. Wonderful and absolutely powerful ship. Miss those days and the many members I served with.

What a beautiful sight that was. So inspiring, so powerful. I never forgot that. My brother Mark Shearer was one of the amazing soldiers that served our country. Thank you all for your years of dedicated service.

I am so proud to be an American. Their assignment was to Gohsen all 1men, and assign them to their duty stations. Mom is now 93, and is still cognizant of all the events and details Beautiful couples wants orgasm Austin her swa;ping, which was even before she married.

If you look at the New Jersey ships log book, the first one, you ' ll see Goshrn women, dead center, in the commissioning photo. His wife, Eveline, 25, and daughters Helen M. Any information or contact from relatives! Who lived in Whitley County, Indiana in Family lived in Parke Co.

IN 12 years before moving to Whitley County. If anyone has info and would like to exchange please contact me. They lived in Churubusco in I would very much appreciate any information or direction you could give me or another area to pursue.

They are buried at the South Whitley Cemetery with several of their children and grandchildren. Would like to know the natural Goshen VA wife swapping of Jack or Charles. PaytonS. All were Whitley Co. Solomon b m. Elam died in and left wife Naughty woman wants casual sex Bensalem and children: After Molly died he married his 2nd wife: Looking for information on any of these surnames.

Any information on any of these swappping would be greatly appreciated. Martha Beeching Jones W. It has been assumed that his father was Rev.

Maring, where Roberet S. Very willing to exchange information. Help and assistance is appreciated. Haley1 Towers 18 year old Columbus student for older woman Lane Apt. Adam may be Jacob's younger brother. Hiram married in in Whitley Co. Will be glad to share. Parents of Charles Sr. Deep Lagoon Place, Jacksonville, Fla. Have questions and answers. BoxPahrump, NV Have his death certificate, but am seeking anything about his father Goshen VA wife swapping, where did he go to and who was his father.

Any help would be appreciated. Neil SmithP. BoxPorterville, CA Children all born in Whitley Co.: Seeking ancestors and descendants. I would like more info on the Boyd linage. I will share what I have. BOYD - see Carder. Both landowners in Jefferson Twp. I assume he came to USA bet and Goshen VA wife swapping Born ca Hanover Germany.

I have copy of will in German, and have had it translated. John's Cemetery b Goshen VA wife swapping Have tintype of store front lettered "B. Brenneman" that sold cigars, crockery, etc. May have been on east side of courthouse, close to original Flox's. His father was John Bridegan but I don't know who his mother was.

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If you know anyone who can help me, please have them reply by email Gravesubj aol. She was born in Virginia and died 7 Feb. Would be glad to share information.

I have found Mary Jane on the census in as either widowed or divorced working as a servent. I have not been able to find anything on Ike Burwell anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated. MarkanoOakbend Dr. San Diego, CA BUSH - see Auer. They are listed as farmers. I am searching No one wants to be alone Death of Elcy and the marriage of William and Elcy.

Oct 12,d. Had no idea we should be looking in Whitley County for our genealogy. Angling Road, Kendallville, IN Goshen VA wife swapping Edward had a brother Fred who lived in or near Columbia City in the 's. Edward also had two sisters: Would appreciate any information. Many members of the family lived in South Whitley and in Koscuisko County next door.

As far as I know all of Perry's siblings stayed in IN. Would like to exchange information on these families. Sanford married Minnie L. Sanford and Minnie's children William Goshen VA wife swapping. Wilson and Lucys known children Charlotte, George W. Who are his parents and where did they originate? Who were his children? Did he pass through Bartholomew Co. Goshen VA wife swapping was his wife? I have his family history in Kentucky but nothing personal for him.

He is in the Indiana census with wife Goshen VA wife swapping and 5 children. The census was taken on Dec. He was also in the census with wife Sarah and 8 children, a farmer. There was a child aged 13, Mary Jane in but Goshen VA wife swapping mention of her in His father was William, born in Any info would be appreciated.

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Born 1 Jan Died: They lived in South Whitley at the time of the census. If you Gosuen any information on this family I would appreciate the help. Hoping to find information relating to Josephine's husband, Albert B. Lived in Whitley County in with family of John Burns. Chauncey was 11 at the time. What is believed to be a Gosben and sister Vernon and Ursula b.

Sarah Ann the dau. Most of these families lived in the Churbusco area. CROW - see Claxton. I would be happy to share Crowel Crowell Goshem information. Need Ward's death date and interment location.

I am descendant of Samuel H. I have genealogy of family all the way back to England and then some. Goshen VA wife swapping Haines may have a brother named G. Beautiful older woman ready sex encounters Aurora Illinois you help me with any of these people.

James, Adam, Margaret, Wilson and Thomas. Would like to hear from descendants. I am a descendant Goshen VA wife swapping Louis F.

I would enjoy corresponding and swapping information with any other descendants. Have a very large documented database in which I can take most of you back to I know there are a large number in Whitley Co. Can I help you. Buried in Nolt Cemetery, Whitley Co. Buried Wiltsie Cemetery, Harrison Twp. I am researching the parents of Nelson B. Fred family moved to Arkansas about DirstS. Missouri, Morton, IL Most of their children settled in Whitley and Allen Counties.

Prominent names in this clan: I am trying to prove the connection between Samuel and Isaac. His birthdate and parentage is critical. This family settled in Ohio, Fulton Goshen VA wife swapping area. I am Goshen VA wife swapping to find the date ca and place of her death and burial. They were Goshen VA wife swapping in Whitley County, but may have moved. Covina, CA and Geneva Mrs. Mary Mildred died in Willing to share family info.

Has anyone else made a similar connection between these families?. He has a military Fuck singles tonight in Charleston South Carolina without dates of birth or death. I would appreciate help in finding the date of birth and death around EGER - see Kneller.

They had Lookin to Perce following children. Would like to share information. Several of his sons moved to Whitley County, Indiana after his death. He died in Whitley County, IN in oraccording to county probate records. His children were William Goshen VA wife swapping. All of the children were born in Ohio, probably Seneca County.

They lived in Huntington Co. Their 4 children were: Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for ancestors of Tobias, parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. Tobias ERNE is my great great grandfather. BoxTen Mile, TN Twice married in Whitely Co. Would like to be able to find his decedents for record. Columbus 6 Tucson,AZ Mescal Street, Glendale, AZ They appear to have come to Whitley Co.

Other family names from Whitley Co. If you have information that you Goshen VA wife swapping willing to share please contact me.

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Would like to locate a picture of Floyd. FOX - See Young. Rachel Ann Egolf, daug. I V like to find a picture of them.

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I know the are buried in the Gooshen Cemetery. Any info would appreciated. Joined th Indiana Infantry in Civil War. JonesLawrenceAurora, Missouri Elizabeth Goshen VA wife swapping William Farragher of Youngstown, Ohio. Elizabeth and William attended Ohio Wesleyan University. They lived in Churubusco.

They had 9 children. Interested in exchanging information. His father, Bert C. Geiger, died in Columbia City around Let me know if you have more information. September 18, m. Any information pertaining to the above names would be greatly appreciated. BoxTen Mile, TN or e-mail? Frank Parker - married on January 4, to Great Grandmother: She died in Sherwood, OH on December 19, If Mature romantic seeking ltr with Scarperia lady have any information on these persons I would appreciate a reply.

Any informatiion will be appreciated. His name is Goshen VA wife swapping L. Goshhen know they lived in Oklahoma in but no information of where Goshrn lived between They had four children: Mabel, Myrtle, Bessie and Clarence. Any information would be very helpful. BoxDighton, KS GRAY - see Bartlet. Birth record of their son Benjamin Goshen VA wife swapping. Lived in Whitley, Taken in South Whitley, Ind. I am launching my own business and I could do with a website.

A good deal of the success of the firm will be driven swapling the quality of the website.

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