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Be my friend plz

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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, Be my friend plz or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Be my friend plz fiend friend might be bisexual!!

Mandy has recently told Mandy has recently told everyone that she is bisexual, but hearing that she olz a crush on my best friend who "Might" be bisexual hurts alot, and honestly i have NO CLUE what to do about all this.!.

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Be my friend plz the way, my best friend IS a girl I talked to my little sister today after school, because well, i tell her everything I for sure wouldn't be a best friend if that where the case Like i said, I have no clue what to do, I mean, I really care about her and I really don't want her to be hurt I forgot to mention that Mandy and Anna are friends So What Should I Do????????

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Honestly, I would just not worry about it. You say "might" a lot here.

Your friend "might" be this and feiend "might" feel this way. I can tell that you care a lot about her--you're obviously a good friend who really wants to take care of your people. So the best thing to Be my friend plz is to keep on being her friend no matter what she ends up doing.

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If she's bi, straight, lesbian, Be my friend plz, that has to do with her relationships with other people. To you she's a friend, first and foremost, and you obviously care about her because she's your best friend. So let her do her thing--she might kiss this girl and move on, she might be gay for life, she might be totally embarrassed about this in ten years. You telling Be my friend plz what to do and what not to do isn't going to do anything but make her feel alone--the best thing you can do is be there for her no matter what and be her friend.

Why do you feel as though you have to do anything? Your best friend lets call her "Jane" since you didn't tell us her name is bi. That changes nothing between you and her.

plz add meh i need friends item has been added to your Favorites. PLz Be mY FrIEnd. i need you to be my friend. 2 Comments. Low effort posts with a low discussion potential will be removed. Keep self- promotion limited and well received by the community. Looking to. hi i m very sad today because my sister friend is sick. He is in ICU. I request all members who see this topic plz plz plz pray for him. because i can no see tears in .

She's still exactly the same person she was before she came out to you in band class. So why would you stop being her friend or change anything about your friendship? Another girl who's bi Mandy has a crush on "Jane".

That has nothing to do with the friendship between you and "Jane" -- unless you yourself are bisexual or lesbian and have Be my friend plz crush on her yourself? Then I could understand you getting jealous.

So what is the problem that you need help with? It was a little confusing but I think I got it.

Basically just continue to be there for her, she's still the same person. Why are you so upset about her being bi though? She can't help it if she might like girls and guys, it's part of what makes her who she is.

Just be yourself and keep being there for her. Why lose a friendship, or even damage it over something that can't be helped on her rriend It sounds like you both are very Be my friend plz, and thats great that you seem to care so much but there isn't anything that can change how she feels.

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It sounds like she could use your support right now, so why not give it and let her know that you're there for her. Don't treat fgiend any differently than you Be my friend plz if she was talking about a guy.

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Definitely don't listen to your sister, your friend might need you now more than ever. I feel like my best friend Be my friend plz hanging out with feiend less once I told her that I was bi, and that's just going to make your friend feel like crap. Because you have regular dating drama, plus the crap some people are going to give her about liking girls.

She doesn't need a best friend deserting her on top Be my friend plz all of that.

She hasn't changed at all, she's still the same girl she was yesterday. Don't treat her any differently than you did before. Are you against homosexuality? Your story is a little confusing.

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But I would be friends with your friend no matter what. She is a good friend to you, nice, caring, all that, right? Why would the fact that she is or isn't bisexual have anything to do with it?

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Unless you're afraid what people are going to think If she's your friend though, you should stick up for her imho. If you're really her best friend, why do you care about her sexuality.

Friend, please don't take your life away from me Living like a ghost you walk by everyone you know You say that you're fine but you have lost your sway and glow So I stopped by to let you know Friend, please remove your hands from Over your eyes for me I know you want to leave but Friend, please don't take your life away from me. Nov 17,  · (By the way, my best friend IS a girl) I talked to my little sister today after school, because well, i tell her everything she told me to just stop being her friend! But I don't WANT to stop being her friend, and plus, if I where to do that, What kind-of friend WOULD i BE? I for sure wouldn't be a best friend if that where the case Status: Resolved. Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Goth Meme Plz Be My Friend (

She's still your friend, right? Nothing is always an option.

Do what you always do, be her friend. Don't treat her any differently. Related Questions Girl trouble Is my friend bisexual? My friend is bi-bisexual, how do I ask her out?? How should i tell my friends at Be my friend plz i might be bisexual if theres more than frienc at the lunch table?

I just realized something?

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Be my friend plz do some people think that being gay is disgusting? Is it possible to be too muscular or too good-looking as a man to do drag? She always looks at my boobs and lips is she lesbian?

I think this girls tattoo is pretty! What do you guys think? Why do trannies expect normal people to play along with their delusions?

Be my friend plz

What's your opinion on transgender? If homosexuality is genetic, then why did people's gay ancestors reproduce?

My 29 year old married brother told me last night he is gay. Unsure what to say.?