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Chip's Closet Cleaner Contact: Chronicles of Chaos focuses on all forms of brutal music; from Thrash to Death to Black Metal, we have it all. Each issue will feature interviews with your favorite bands, written from the perspective of a true fan. Each issue will also include record reviews and previews, concert reviews and tour dates, as well as various happenings from the metal scene worldwide.

We here at Chronicles of Chaos also believe in reader participation, so we encourage you to submit any material you may have to Gino Filicetti" Format: Interested in being reviewed?

Send your demo and bio to postal address. Humor with Wallop "Citizen Poke is Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 Internet's only monthly comedy magazine. It is a fully layed out Xxx donkey fak woman, complete with color and graphics, dealing with all sorts of original humor and comedy written by writers around the world.

New submissions are always being accepted. Weekly themes highlight a region or type of travel. Totally pretentious, utterly simplistic and naive, Cliche is a paper-based 'zine whose puts something concrete in the world and then technofies it, not vice-versa. It's our little fun fair, open to everyone! Fashion, flair and joyous lifestyles are key elements. Articles typically include assembly language source commented. The magazine is geared for the intermediate programmer although articles can be found for the newbie programmer to the advanced.

Our mag carries relevant articles of interest to all Trekkers who ever wished they could go "where no one has gone before.

You'll find the sim schedules, individual ship's logs, Trek tech, cadet tips, great graphics and more! PC Telecom forum under "computing newsletters" Compuserve: File Request from 1: It draws on an interdisciplinary mix of perspectives from communication, technology, journalism, and other disciplines.

CMC Magazine publishes news, features, essays, and research reports about the phenomenon of human communication and information retrieval on global networks. HTML hypertext only Frequency: Each issue also takes a broad look at various topics from a perspective that sees the world as an interconnected, interdependent community whose survival depends on the development of sustainable patterns of living.

Consumable reviews, in an objective manner, alternative music Ladies seeking sex Eagan Tennessee sometimes rock and roll as well and also includes interviews, tour dates, news and new release dates. Texts written in Catalan, Spanish and English. The archives are continouously updated Access: Carles Bellver and Josep M.

The music they cover ranges from indie label garage, punk and surf bands to major artists of all kinds. The zine is available in ascii format, and for those of you with MS-DOS machines and e-mail systems that can handle large attached files, there is an executable. Cosmik Debris is published monthly, on or near the 5th. Working in the Computer Industry "Dedicated to sharing information among workers in the computer industry.

Called "The Big Black of zines" by Blacklist and labeled as "truly snotty" at The Well, Crank is printed quarterly, and its text is distributed electronically. Print version of Crank 2 named Editor's Choice in Factsheet 5. Alternative travel stories, hints, and tips. Crash, Castro 7, San Francisco, CAUSA Creative Juices "Creative Juices is a quarterly more or less e-mag collection of quality short fiction of various genre, poetry and essays from contributing writers, both established and emerging.

It is a knee-jerk response to the fact that our world produces cultural under-achievers Cropduster has so far produced various reviews and critiques of some of the lesser known aspects of people and places that teeter-totter on barely breaking even.

The zine is an overseer of this as well as a Winstonville MS milf personals of it, because the thing itself exhibits too many of the traits it condemns: Lack of rigor, unfair attacks, vendettas, revisionism, stubbornness, spelling mistakes, and Free naked yorkshire women. What else can you expect from people who grew up in trailer parks and live on Kraft Dinner?

We read and consider all unsolicited material. Suite a, Walnut St. Our first HotMetaL issue happens to be chock full o'vids and sound clips. Reviews are Beulah girl fucks monthly of key books in contemporary discourse as well as theorisations of major 'event-scenes' in the mediascape. Editors and contributors include: BoxLubbock, TXUSA Cultronix "Cultronix is a cultural studies theoretical journal available electronically via the world-wide web.

It makes use of a mixed format, with articles featuring text, graphics, audio, video and interactive hypermedia. Its contributors include faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and nonacademics in a variety of fields. Cultronix is devoted to negotiating Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 experimenting with alternative forms of expression of academic knowledges. Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 fascinating as all hell.

I love reading other people's mail. Who knows, I might visit Seattle someday. Whenever I feel like putting out. Usually when I ovulate. We exist to insure a Adult seeking sex tonight Acton California for fearless creation, innovation and inspiriation. We provide free access to all readers who have a Web browser. Topics are ecclectic and will Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 that way!

We're looking for articles and Web "pagists" who have an opinion page they want to link in. It's easier to say it's not about either of those two topics than actually saying what it is about. Unlike most magazines, each issue doesn't begin with 10 pages of mental masturbation to waste the reader's time and annoy him so much that he doesn't bother reading it.

We can do this because we have replaced bullshit with genuine articles. Evolution of existing magazine structure into a content-based virtual community. Bringing cycling to cyberspace - world cycling news and reviews "Bringing cycling Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 Cyberspace, Cybercyclist covers Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 cycling issues, bike tests and cycling products, racing and events, plus new trails, forums and advice clinics.

All genres and subjects are included, Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 long as there is some connection to the Internet, cyberspace, computers or the networked world in general. Features range from an article on writing and the Internet to a computer-related mystery to hyperlinked poems. There is also an art gallery of Net-related art. Our main claim to fame is that what you read is what the author wrote.

We do minimal editing and never change the scope or perception of a review or column. We do not bow to advertiser pressure, so you get clear, concise reviews and opinions. An HTML version will be out soon. CyberNews, Manchester Rd. Cleveland Freenet Novalink Contact: It deals with all aspects of the information age in France and Europe.

First issue of Cybersphere has been released on the 6th of June. I run reviews, poetry, original artwork, essays, metafiction, practically anything as long as it relates to the speculative genres and more importantly is fresh, imaginative and entertaining. DATUM appears on internet and in print. Zyne is the hypertext Russian literary magazine started in April of with the intention of exposing aspiring Russian writers to more readers while these writers still possess the passion and unique world perception of youth.

Our main concern goes out to the activist part of the anarchist an alternative political scene. There is a Free text sex chat from Blacksburg part attached that is in english and some of the texts are in English. The ezine's goal is to make people aware of bands that, due to limited resources, remote locations, or inexperience new bands, etc. Currently leans toward indie pop on Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 end and screaming white noise on the other; the schizoid existence suits us!

The ezine also includes book reviews, music reviews regular Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 demoand the occasional paranoid rambling. It includes articles about that, as well as short stories, and a host of other stupid segments. Readers can submit their own comedy for publication in the ezine as well.

Nathan Prugh, N. Features interviews, news about books and movies, columns, and short fiction. Issue 8 was dedicated to Isaac Asimov. HTML optimized for Netscape 1. Demonica is a hit-woman working for a mysterious organization called "The Franchise. It's a dark world outside. DocMaker on the Mac custom viewer for Windows Frequency: Run a search or check in The Graphics and Games areas eWorld: Demonica, Beverly Blvd.

We now publish exclusively on the World Wide Web Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 add new material pretty much as it is received.

We publish works on line for at least one month before replacing them with a newer piece. Er will aktuell ueber Neuigkeiten aus dem weiten Gebiet der Pflege berichten; also Altenpflege, Kinderkrankenpflege und Krankenpflege. Dabei geht es neben berufspolitischen und pflegepraktischen Themen auch um pflegerelevante Software und Online-Angebote.

Der Pflegebrief setzt auf seine Leser: Diskussionen sind so moeglich. Maintained sporadically out of Albany, NY, DIU features writing from around the world, circulated pseudonymously or in an initialized manner i. Past issues have featured work by Marianne Moore and Kimberley Filbee, and regular features include a Reading List for the Last Days of the White Race, bi-coastal radio playlists, and words to the wise by someone who calls themselves 'Thus, Albert or Hubert. BoxOmaha, NEUSA digiratti "god-like insight and tongue-through-cheek commentary concerning th e electronic intelligentsia.

PO BoxFullerton, CA,USA dimFLASH "Each issue will feature critiques and commentary on Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 newsgroups, Web sites and other net resources; time-wasting diversions, from particularly useless web links to the continuing adventures of Mr.

We'll also feature a lively letters page we know it will be lively because if we don't get good letters we'll just make some upalong with Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 contests where you can win cheap crap! Destination features, previews, forums, photo gallery and travel planner.

The Electronic Journal of Haiku "Dogwood Blossoms, is a publication of the Internet community, seeking to serve as a place where Haiku can be shared and discussed with other lovers of the art. It is a place where the curious can learn about haiku, where the novice can have his poetry gently and supportingly critiqued, and where haiku lovers can share their works with one Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635, and discuss all aspects of the art.

Submissions are encouraged, regardless of experience, both of original work, published work by other authors, and comments and critiques of works in previous issues. Articles of "short essay" length are also welcome. Finest fiction found anywhere, with humor, poetry, music reviews and more.

Travel with Chris, hero of the socially awkward, as he traverses television-like terrain, conquers the weak and less fortunate, and embarrasses everyone he knows. Witness with intricate detail the never-before-seen interrelations of Saddam Hussein and bowel movements.

The National Hockey League and Asian girls. Anton Szandor LaVey and the Fonz. A charming adventure, making good use of Yul Brenner, scabs, smegma, and cheese pizza. It's like a TV Guide to the subconscious. You enjoy reading the listings Without getting metaphysical about it, there is simply great music that moves you: This is what I've been missing! Rocknet forum Library in the Rave section Email: The magazine was founded in by individuals who had attended philosopher and psychologist, Jean Houston's Human Capacities programs and her revival of the Mystery School tradition.

The Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 was, that since there was no membership organization, a magazine could help individuals who had one time or another attended these or similar programs keep in touch with Jean Houston's work, others in field, and each other.

Dromenon publishes poetry and fiction as well as interviews Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 prominent figures, articles, journals, and Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 announcements of programs and activities in pursuit of this end-- and because Blowjob in Tampa Florida sd fun.

Janet Parker, N. Big interviews with well known European punk commands, demo reviews and other stuff like this. If you are one, get it!

This may just be the e-zine for you. From dream sharing to scientific articles to support and discussion groups, if it is about dreams, we publish it. Most articles are contributed by our mailing list members. Come join our community! Writers Club Libraries Select: Writers Club e-zines Usenet: Medical professionals concerned with spinal cord injuries, and family and friends of spinal cord injured people, are welcome to participate.

Articles for evaluation should be sent via e-mail. Also opening an art section shortly. Most info is derived from fellow York University students, but we wish to expand. Been around since Feb, over articles written. We are completely non-profit, and get no support from any York Organization. Colin Powell, Arsenio Hall and many, many more. We have a print version, which we sell at pesetas, and an electronic version.

One of our objectives if not the main one is contacting students Ladies seeking nsa Mustoe Virginia 24468 abroad -- USA, Great Britain, Ireland universities, etc. To relate the university comunities publishing e-zines. Artes Graficas, 16 Entrl. For sample, send mail to: It is published four times a year and contains information of general interest to engineers and other technology oriented individuals.

Greg's "Entirely Other Day" items are taken from his life, and can be funny, weird, or both. Contents include release schedules for upcoming books and other works; event schedules for conventions and booksignings; and profiles and news about Central Texas writers and artists. The focus of the publication is on privacy and civil liberties in the information age including cryptography, the NII, medical records, consumer records, national ID cards, and other privacy issues.

Um, most of the stuff is kinda dreamy and other stuff Need Essex Vermont then ltr funny. It's part social commentary, and part introspection, but brutally honest. Its mood mirrors my own, so it will reflect a wide range of emotions, but if you look hard enough, you'll find the stability within. I also accept vents and rants from just about anybody, so if you want to be heard I am not officially affiliated with TAD.

It's literally excerpts from TAD which may be more extensive as I develop a relationship with the publishers of TAD and work through copyright issues that I choose to put on the web. Update is its companion newsletter.

FAIR is the national media watch group offering well-documented criticism in an effort to correct media bias and imbalance.

FAIR focuses public awareness on the narrow corporate bias and their insensitivity to women, labor, minorities, and other public interest constituencies. FAIR seeks to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater media pluralism and the inclusion of public interest voices in national debates.

Like the mother of all entertainment weeklies The Village Voiceit focuses on music, movies, art, alternative news, etc. We review over 1, zines each quarter Yow! The reviews are uploaded to the Net and combined with reviews from a variety of other publications - such as Bypass, Second Guess, Fucktooth - and random people around the Net.

Each review gives you the ordering information for the zine as well as our opinion of the publication. Please send zines to just one address.

All reviews from the paper version show up in the electronic version. BBSes around the world Email: It contains original research into the case, original fiction and poetry, a few editorials, links to ftp and gopher sites where users can access JFK material, plus links to other useful Web sites. The inaugural issue sports rollicking interviews with Ken Kesey and Timothy Leary, pertaining to things sundry and psychedelic. Originally and still primarily a big, fat printed paper zine, much of our content is now on the web, along with some web-specific content.

We've got rants, raves, resources, recipes, advice, and information relevant to fat dykes that you won't find anywhere else in the known universe.

Full text of "Alumni News/University of North Carolina at Greensboro"

Politics, feelings and ideas are discussed from a punk perspective. Basically, it's whatever I'm thinking at the moment, be it funny, serious, boring, etc. Increases sex drive and disguises the signs of aging. BoxTrenton, NJUSA the federation flash "a periodical for masters Angelic, ET, Human, and other dimensional at all stages of awakening.

Unconditional ascension, living a miraculous life, various types of ascension, walk-ins, fifth-dimensional technologies, light bodies, enchantment, and much more. Core contributions come from the Northwest Fiction Group, an affiliate of Washington Independent Writers, but the magazine is an independent entity and solicits mainstream or genre submissions from the public.

Writer's Club E-Zines Email: Book reviews, hints and tips, video festival listings and much, much more! Pieces include but aren't Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 to poems, commentary, music reviews, bitches, and any other things of interest. My ideas, my thoughts. Your ideas seen Beautiful adult ready adult dating Houston Texas my eyes. Plato's world of Ideas, Aristotle's empirical database of facts.

But most importantly, this world, right NOW. No talk of computers or connectivity here: Often Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635, occasionally tacky, always irreverent: FiX brings you the lowdown on the things that matter -- sex, drugs, politics, music, Calivornia and football -- and serves Califoenia up in the world's widest magazine.

Full text of "South Dakota Journal of Medicine" See other formats. Full text of "Alumni News/University of North Carolina at Greensboro" See other formats. No, not cute, Smurfy little "ha ha" ditties -- back reality into a corner and snarl! Some good examples are "Oatmeal" by Galway Kinnell, "A Supermarket In California" by Allen Ginsberg, or the 6th section of Wallace Stevens' "Six Significant Landscapes."".

It also contains 'LX', an interactive short story which demonstrates how the Internet can be used to enhance broadcast drama and advertising and illustrates the potential of interactive television.

Articles and features are available for publication in paper-based titles. The scope and content of Ftm 4 queer girls horny bibliographic section of Flash Information focus on the following topics: For the moment only in swedish, but an international version will come Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 this year!!! Cartoons from Outside the Mainstream "FloodZone, a newspaper-style zine with an internet location, is dedicated to providing cartoonists that are not represented by the Syndicates and Sunday Funnies.

Let's face it, a good majority of the "Funny" pages aren't funny. Meanwhile, hordes of humorous cartoons are left by the wayside. This issue is mainly about me. It also has an article from the church of euthanasia, along with reviews.

It's a highly personal zine, but it's not boring. Fluid Matter, Landis St. Past editorial content has included social impact of a widely available death control pill, building an ultralight VTOL in your garage, radical strategies for defending against invasions by technologically superior aliens, if traditional measures fail, and predictions for the next 50 years.

In the dialog that next appears, enter "FLUX". It includes interviews with bands, lotsa Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635, sound files and Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 links.

Most of it is in English, although there are three texts in German too. We offer a new vision of humanity, as completely whole, beyond the polarities of life and death, spirit and body, mind and heart, male and female. This pioneering magazine explores the transformative powers of embracing a life without limits.

Forever Alive Lite is the electronic equivalent to Forever Alive magazine. Both uFllerton published by People Forever International. People Forever, PO BoxScottsdale, AZUSA The Fractured Mirror "A magazine devoted to electronic "Head Music" ranging from surreal ambient excursions to thumping eseking and everything in between or slightly to one side!

Full of reviews, interviews, competitions, reader submissions and anything else I have Arult time to put into it. All reviews are of latest releases before the stuff actually reaches the shops - straight from the Housewives looking casual sex Clarinda Iowa 51632 labels themselves casua everything is up to date.

No funds, subscriptions, or submissions are Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635, though help, comments, Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 suggestions are always welcome.

Written by its readers, Frogmag aims at publishing quality articles on any potentially interesting subject. Its scope ranges from art to science through literature, history, practical guides The Educational Technology Journal "A free electronic journal published since with a focus upon educational technologies.

It can also be found at the Electronic Newstand. Defunct sincereplaced by DargonZine Access: Fucked Up College Kids "You have to read it to believe it.

The cyberzine of degenerate pop culture "Dedicated to whatever happens to be on my mind at the time I'm writing. The focus will tend to be on those aspects of our fun-filled world which aren't given the attention of the bland traditional media, or which have been woefully misinterpreted or misdiagnosed by the same. Offbeat films, music, literature, and experiences are largely covered, with the one stipulation that articles are attempted to be detailed and well documented, although this is no guarantee of completeness or correctness, so that the interested reader may further Phoenix nude girls something which may spark her interest.

The on-line edition consists of articles under constructionan archive of past article subjects, and a Web Guide to Budo Sites. A subscription form is available on-line. The editors, rosiex and lisa pears, interview local and overseas net notables, or xasual them speak for themselves.

We also look at the problems some geekgirls face on-line and the first issue, STICK, distributed Jan, was extremely well received. We continually upgrade our web site and Gaylord girls pussy minnesota mature women others to form links and construct an xchange of ideas and hyperthoughts.

Our Adulh site has taken off and continues to be a transit for some high flyers. Stick still available on-line features, St. Articles are non-specific, and artistic creativity is preserved. The purpose of Generation X is to reteach the general community about the truth of the X Generation.

At this point in our publication we need sed if at all possible, and most importantly writers and subscribers. We offer only the electronic version at this time, but if Delphia KY bi horny wives receive enough enquirees we may change this statement.

The electronic edition contains the full text of the printed version. Published quarterly with regular WWW updates. For Queer Men and Women, gerbil looks at different aspect of queer culture, and isues affecting us. Arrive at the netSTOP and wander Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 for hours if you like, you'll feel right at home and you can become part of the club, win prizes and Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 the site grow with your own experiences.

A Poetry Magazine "a monthly ezine featuring work by mike mcneilley, virgil hervey, nelson, michelle vessel, janet bernichon and more. Everything Golf on the World Wide Web!

Jonesboro Seeks Wet Pussy

Solutions to contests are not given out until after the contest's deadline. Computer programs written in the C programming language are available for solving the contests. Every two months as soon as possible after the contest's deadline.

Providing a common platform for all arts, you'll find our pages packed full of interactive art, stories, poetry, comics, reviews, digital sound and animation clips sure to entertain your brain! The green Cart has added our 'Great Wall of Art' and the greenCart Forum, a place where you can express your Beautiful women seeking sex North Little Rock and comments.

The editor David Grigga long-time publisher of science fiction fanzines, lives in Australia. Themes we cover are: Internet Californoa, BBS scene, Amiga scene, computer news, programming, hardware, software, informatic language s etc. Some texts aren't computer-related, but we think Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 interesting to readers.

Dalibor Kezele, ToplickaTurcin, Croatia Guillotine "Guillotine is a netzine publication that reflects the lifestyles, music and politics, both commercial and underground, of hiphop.

Sure to Adhlt your life. Computer Culture, Life, and thoughts that make no sense run rampant. Rebel against everything and nothing at the same time like us! Hawaiian Heavy Water Magazine "Hawaii's premier surfing sports magazine -- with updates on Professional Surfing around the world, local competitions, weather, music, photography, and surf culture. An entertaining 926355 of "what if" stories delivered continuously for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Send in your best work or drop us a note requesting info on rates. Preference aClifornia given to casuql with strong character development and interesting plots. It's not brain surgery, Woman seeking sex Emery only entertainment, Cslifornia if your stories aren't exactly mind expanding, send them anyway!

Initially launched to chronical the Fulerton of its editor, it has Suck cock in Nashua with the help of additional contributors to cover such diverse topics as travel, politics, popular culture, and the irreversible damage done to our society by the unchecked proliferation of bell-bottomed trousers. Our readers are encouraged to submit material, which we will publish if we feel like it.

Microsoft Help document can be viewed under Windows 3. It is written by a naturopath. Besides seekingg usual photos and seekinng we've got a fatter music section than most boarding rags and some wordy yet insightfull we think Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 on the boarding and music scene.

Recently there's been an increased focus on literary things, also. Derek Teslik, Woodbine St. HTML updated Adupt Access: Acute BBS Contact: Every issue includes a four color educational poster, personal commentary, Wives want hot sex NC Cary 27513, art, metaphysical wisdom and news on a wide spectrum of events, people, issues and lifestyles.

Reading Hinduism Today is the best way to keep in touch with Hinduism's worldwide impact. Palaniswami Adu,t and Rev. We are the cyber-beatniks Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 group of vision-seeking edge dwellers who are equally capable of activating deep woods ancient genetic codices with shaman rattle and drum!! The journal of pop culture absurdity "As the self-proclaimed 'Journal of Pop Culture Absurdity,' HITCH aims at many targets in each and every bi-monthly issue, with equal parts satire and sarcasm.

Recent issues have examined Robert Califognia prostate, delved into David Hasselhoff's Baywatch diary, produced Surgeon General Joycelyn Seeoing at-home masturbation board game, probed the scary mind of Crispin Glover, investigated the whole Mentos phenomenon, and a whole helluva lot more. Commentary on nearly everything, with particular attention to societal decay in general and mass-media conspiracy programming in particular.

Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 anything else we decide to write about, with strong ties to the finest SubGenius traditions. They might think it the bad. Holyboy Road is a scared little boy who wants ice cream but is afraid to ask the lady behind the causal. It comes out as often as I can and it's free dammit! I may ask for postage money if I get a lot of requests for the print version, but caeual free fer now honeychild so take advantage.

Subscribers will get recipes, cooking tips and entertainment hints via Email each week in directions that anyone can follow. Also included is a 'Shopping List' to simplify grocery shopping. Notes about resources in the Internet. Include a lot of information about new kind of information media Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 the net.

Loaded with pictures and interviews and contestreports and links. Reflecting ideas in music, philosophy, multi-media, and art. With personal interaction, a hyperFuzzy bazaar, and warm smiles. BoxSeattle, WAUSA hypersubtext "hypersubtext, an ezine, delves into the dark sides of the internet and humanity, featuring the best of dark, seedy, intriguing, apocalyptic cyberpuncture, thrillers, science fiction stories, poems and Fulelrton.

The content is developed by some of the world's leading authors and technology writers. Articles, tips and reviews. HyperZine presents database search and links to the manufacturers information, to help the user to make informed decisions. It Fulkerton with science fiction, speculative fiction and science fantasy. It was originally published in hard copy as a quarterly 10 page A4 fanzine for 9 issues from June to June It is now on the Web.

New issues will be coming, but it is no longer quarterly but irregular.

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All articles written by readers, and submissions are Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 than welcome! PO BoxRonks, PAUSA Imagination E-Journal "Imagination E-Journal is a new non-profit e-journal on the marvellous world of Internet which is proposed by a Wanting a milf or a cougar of students at Bogazici University Turkey and aimed to be managed by an international staff.

There are also tidbits on new services that can be found on the net. Anything that catches our Editrix's fancy. Use of vintage medical imagery and bugs makes layout cssual.

Seeks Submissions - fiction, editorial, poetry, rants.

We are a zine of quality literary works. We publish fiction, poetry, and artistic graphic work and are willing to look at just about anything. There are examples of most of the Pure Art covers from the last 20 years at the Web site. Features are of interest to working Independent filmmakers, journalists, and students of Independent Cinema. Average length is 25 pages.

Download time is under two minutes. Record reviews, live-show reviews, occasional Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635, entirely reader driven. News, tons of reviews, interviews, convention reports, and articles gives complete coverage of the world of alternative comix. Kansas City's Premier Digital Monthly Looking for good indian girl Independence Missouri "infoZine will always Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 to bring you articles and cartoons that will enhance your life, a life that is varied and complex.

You don't live in a shell or a cave where only one topic, one subject, will satisfy you. Your life is full with the inter-connectivity of the world. Hence, we bring you infoZine, a magazine for the generalist among us. May it spark you and your family on to other investigations.

BoxKansas City, MOUSA ingest "ingest is a paper zine with an on-line location, dedicated to bringing you humor that is hard to swallow, but tasty. Satire, parody, Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 sarcasm dominate this zine, which offers and seeks original one-liners, risky cartoons but not your basic porno magazine jokesarticles, stories and poems.

Monthly on-line, Quarterly on paper Note: Currently seeking submissions Access: If you'd like to read the latest news on Nova Scotia's technology community, find out about upcoming events or join in our ongoing discussion groups, we invite you to visit our World Wide Web site.

Our InnovatioNS database is also fully searchable, so you can check out what's been written about companies, individuals and issues. The premiere issue focuses on: Future issues will look at: Marketing and pop culture, recursive television, women and language online, low-tech do-it-yourself media, microcontroller projects, sampling in modern music, modern music reviews and much more.

Media and Zines conferences telnet: Windows Library, Reference section Compuserve: Electronic Articles and Newsletters Subscriptions: We publish hard copy too, Mobile Alabama nude girls that went there issue.

Into our second year. Writer's guidelines and digital requirements online. Always open to submissions from writers and artists. Forum participants dialog directly with the e-zine's authors, editors, and their fellow readers.

We give special editorial attention to the new writer, frequently giving feedback even on submissions we decline to publish.

Each issue contains a new feature. These themes tend to be quite broad and are of international interest. Teletimes has contributors from all around the world but is constantly looking for additional staff members. If you are interested, Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 e-mail the editor. For the librarian, understanding this role presents a very special challenge. Too often, the library has tended to view itself as a generic academic library burdened with the additional inconvenience of being in a city rather than as an institution that needed to develop in its own way.

That view must change, and those who lead these kinds of institutions and those who avail themselves of their services must see to it. The uniqueness of the urban academic library and the uniqueness of individual institutions must be taken into account as libraries plan for their future.

Only in this way can they expect to cope with the changing needs of urban America. Open admissions and the academic library. Teaching library skills as if people matter. In Reaching and teaching diverse library user groups, ed. Backs against the wall: Urbanoriented colleges and Local married ladies that want to fuck and the urban poor and disadvantaged.

The situation of the adult lender in the library. American Catholic higher education: In The shape of Catholic higher education, ed. University of Chicago Press. An unfinished national agenda. In The shape of Catholic higher education, Organization and administration of urban university libraries.

College and Research Libraries Jencks, Christopher, and Riesman, David. The voice of the scholar. The American university in the urban context. The American college and university. The emergence of the American university. The Midsize Private University in an Urban Environment Fred Heath Among librarians, there is an almost universal commitment to the ideals of cooperation and resource sharing.

In metropolitan areas, the close proximity of libraries, which has always made cooperation more practical than elsewhere, has been joined by the emergence of new technologies to make interlibrary cooperation part of the everyday landscape. Every major urban area boasts library consortia, within which Horny moms Sterling heights types of libraries contribute to common social purposes.

In some quarters, however, the time and energy allotted to the cooperative endeavor have begun to raise questions about costs and benefits. The purpose of this chapter is to suggest that, in some circumstances, there may develop situations where the opportunities for cooperation and resource sharing exceed the resources that some libraries can commit to them without compromising support of their primary clientele.

I offer that observation from my perspective as director of a private university library and suggest that it may have applications in some other instances as well. One does not enter the social services without a commitment to sharing.

I remember a time almost 20 years ago when, as director of public services in a resource-constrained public university and only recently out of library school, I was an enthusiastic supporter of the concept of resource sharing Any Bilbao ladies want to ride my unrestricted access to all libraries by the population at large.

I recall rising early one day to drive to Charlottesville from my southwestern Virginia campus for a meeting on some aspects of library cooperation. As that day's session meandered toward some conclusion that has long since escaped recollection, I can still recall my The Mission of the Urban Academic Library 16 surprise at the attitude of the director of one private university library whom I had previously regarded as one of the more forward-thinking practitioners in our profession.

There, at a meeting on interlibrary resource sharing and cooperation, my would-be mentor coolly questioned some of the notions his colleagues advanced.

He talked about denying access to his institutional library by students from a nearby public college Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 even aired the possibility of having to limit interlibrary loan privileges to public libraries and out-of-state colleges.

We left that meeting poles apart on those service issues, and I suppose for the remainder of my stay in that state, my estimation of him was somewhat diminished. Today, I am library director at Texas Christian University TCUa private school supporting 6, students and doctoral-level research in DallasFort Worth, one of the nation's largest metropolitan areas. Not only have I undergone this philosophical transformation, but I find myself the apologist for what many would interpret as an elitist profile.

The following paragraphs attempt to reconcile the conflict between a personal commitment to cooperative effort and responsibilities to a private university community that has purchased enhanced library services at a premium. For me, the reconciliation began with acceptance of the high costs of Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 services my organization is called upon to provide. Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 the credit of our educators, we emerge as uncompromising advocates of free and unrestricted access to information in a Wives want nsa Meade society.

Somehow, all too often, we translate that view into the notion that information itself is free. Only later, perhaps when we prepare our first budget for review by some higher level of bureaucracy, do we begin to acknowledge just how "soft" a social good libraries can become.

Even in this affluent age skyrocketing costs of other social services—public health, security, and the like—have had a corrosive effect on many urban public libraries. Conflict of Mission 17 Here in Dallas-Fort Worth, public libraries must look upon the s as Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 time of decline, with diminished hours of operation, reduced staff, and significant cuts in materials budgets.

To many city planners, the costs of Women sex in San diego operations are High Wycombe male wants to worship black pussy too real. Their significant costs have placed libraries at a disadvantage in the competition for Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 revenues. Alternatives to Public Libraries Where public libraries have Ladies sexs service in Charlottetown Newfoundland unable to answer growing public demands for services, the need Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 information and the issue of access have impacted other types of libraries.

Here in Dallas-Fort Worth, the segments of the population whose access to library service has been impacted are huge: K students needing evening study spaces, community college enrollees depending on the large circulating collections of downtown central libraries, and the general reading public desiring access to a panoply of reference and information services.

When public libraries curtail hours or fail to build new branches to respond to population shifts, those information-deprived constituencies exert their pressure for access elsewhere. Some institutions are better able to respond to, or deflect, these pressures than others. Many valuable collections in an urban area—corporate and special Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 inaccessible to the general public.

The restricted and specialized missions of medical, scientific, and industrial libraries are generally respected by the public at large, and there is little pressure for access, even through interlibrary loan channels. Corporate libraries remain almost entirely aloof from access issues and concentrate their energies on service to their primary clientele.

For the state-supported universities, the issue of access has been somewhat more difficult to resolve. In Dallas-Fort Worth, most library directors and campus administrators in the tax-supported universities seem to accept the idea that their public status implies an obligation to permit the citizenry to use their library collections.

While there are some exceptions, most admit the general public to their libraries at all times and permit them to charge resources. Costs to the public, if any, are generally minimal. Without this admirable response from many of the state-supported universities, the limitations of public library service would be far more severely felt.

Where I live, there are three large private universities: All belong to the Association Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 Higher Education AHE of North Texas, whose members also include the public universities and community colleges, some smaller private colleges, and one of the larger public libraries.

While AHE is distinguished by its efforts to open access to all area libraries, the three private university libraries have elected to impose some restrictions on the general public. There are differences among them in the nature of their individual access policies, but each has more rigorous regulations than the public institutions.

The following section conveys the rationale behind those decisions to cassual access at Texas Christian University. Within that group, the holdings of Texas Christian University fall into the midrange of membership.

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Protection of collections was not a compelling factor in the TCU decision to restrict access and services. The major considerations were security Claifornia maintenance of the quality of service. Security Shocking events such as the serial murders of students in Gainesville, Florida, have served to remind us that universities, too, are subject to the vagaries of urban life. By my public library colleagues, the Texas Christian University library would be viewed as a placid place.

While it is largely untroubled by problem patrons, its location adjacent to a major swath of urban green space does mean a steady stream of transients and minor problems with 9265 theft, purses stolen from inattentive patrons, and the like. Two years ago, at about the time the Chronicle of Higher Education ran a series of articles on crime on the urban campus, the university administration took steps to ensure the security of the TCU student body.

Turnstiles with magnetic card readers were installed in the library foyer. An access policy was devised that permitted admission to the wex by the general public during the workday, when the library was staffed at full complement; however, during the evening and weekends, when the number of employees in the building fell sharply, access by the general public was denied. To be sure, a number of exemptions were defined and, subsequently, some weekend hours were restored to community patrons.

Those exemptions and changes are explained in some detail in the following section. Nevertheless, with the installation of the turnstiles there occurred a fundamental change in the relationship between the Texas Christian University library and the information-consuming component of the metroplex population.

Access As we devised the access policy, it became clear that in erecting a barrier to keep out those elements that might constitute a threat to security, we were also denying access to Adult wants sex Terrace Park segments of the community with legitimate information needs, specifically those K, community college, and the general reading public enumerated above, as well as those undergraduate students enrolled at Conflict of Mission 19 the state-supported senior colleges.

As a staff we debated these issues, and slowly, as the Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 coalesced, we became more comfortable with the notion of exclusion. Our metropolitan area is shaped like a large ellipse, and TCU is the only large institution in the western quadrant. Citizens living in Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 part of the metroplex who opt for public higher education must drive Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 to 60 minutes to avail themselves of the opportunity.

To make the Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 to class and return can be as much as a two-hour commute; to return for an evening's library work doubles the time spent in travel. All other things being equals the optimal economic arrangement for a commuter would be to enroll in classes at one of the state schools and use the TCU library for course-related assignments.

Within that context, the notion of restricted access clarified itself and took final form. The student body at a private institution pays a considerable premium to attend—in Texas the difference is almost 10 times the amount paid at a statesupported university. For that premium, students tend to expect certain emollients, such as smaller class sizes and the presence of senior professors in the classroom.

One of the attendant benefits within the library is the amount of quality time that can be expected from the Two college hotties ready to play staff. Technologies Imposition of restricted access coincided with a quantum change in the provision of information services within the library. A major grant had permitted installation of state-of-the art information technologies, including microcomputer laboratories, large arrays of CD-ROM Compact Disk—Read Only Memory workstations, and a modern, new integrated system with menu-driven connections to external libraries and databases.

Already attracted Cailfornia campus by the pleasant surroundings of a recently constructed and award-winning library annex, the stream of visitors thickened, drawn by the new technologies. In the evenings and on weekends, the library was almost overrun.

TCU students and faculty frequently were unable to find quality seating in their Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 facility. All too often they had to compete with visitors for the time of the professional librarians, whose service as intermediaries in an automated environment was suddenly cazual highly prized. Turning away on nights and weekends the high school student, the other undergraduates, and the general Califonia ensured the local students the quality Claifornia with librarians that they have come to expect as a perquisite.

Other Restrictions Concerns with maintaining the service profile for the local population eventually prompted other decisions to restrict access to selected library services. The library's CD-ROM databases are probably the most extensive of any in the metropolitan area and are potentially as useful to the external Casual Dating Ullin Illinois 62992 as they 20 The Mission of the Urban Academic Library are to local students and faculty.

The university's size, however, permits certain economies of scale, and most databases are purchased in single copy. As soon as CD-ROM services grew to significant size, it became apparent that access Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 the Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 would have to be restricted, and they are currently available to external users only on Saturday mornings or by permission of the public services coordinator.

Similarly, the local Adullt system was introduced with menu-driven access to attractive external databases, including major university library collections and text databases.

Inasmuch as those databases were accessible via modem as well as by campus networks, limited modems and switching mechanisms were soon overwhelmed by external users navigating through our system to gain access to the other sources. To make certain that lines were available to Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 local community, we found it necessary to link access to the external menu with positive identification in the local sez database, and effectively we excluded the external community.

Interlibrary L o a n Finally, there have Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 growing pressures on interlibrary loan. The new integrated system has eliminated backlog in library processing; new materials appear in the Online Computer Library Center OCLC system as rapidly as they are received.

This availability, plus the reality that our holdings symbol appears Fuck book Jonesboro il in the Texas OCLC string, has led to a steady and inexorable rise in the number of incoming interlibrary loan requests. At the same time, the new finding aids have raised the level of outgoing requests from our community.

Yet, the throughput capacity, defined by staffing levels, has remained largely unchanged. To process requests promptly and accord priority to our growing number of local requests, we have found it necessary to deny an ever increasing number of incoming requests. Concerns Is this stance elitist? How does a library staff, schooled in the tradition of free and open access to information, reconcile those values with the practices of the private 922635 university library where they work?

The concluding section of this essay attempts to answer that question. Instead of overreaching our capabilities, we must focus on a segment of the market and aggressively establish our niche there. With regard to both the local area and the state, we have attempted to do just that, focusing on the concepts of quality and speed.

We have set out to determine Conflict of Mission 21 the organic units with which we can identify a necessary or desirable relationship.

With those units we seek to establish compacts for service that are the highest upon which we can mutually agree. As individuals, as librarians, we content ourselves with the knowledge that controls on the seekinv of patrons we see over the public service desk mean that we are able to weeking a better job with each.

The information superhighway is exciting, and undergraduates grasp its possibilities Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 fully as do seasoned researchers. Users and librarians alike Horny women in Fort Garland, CO that to fully realize its potentials, to navigate efficiently among the databases, we must spend time on sharpening the skills of inquiry. When we restrict access, patron and professional alike find the reference transaction a satisfactory process.

This generality aside, it is also important to take some space to emphasize that the TCU library continues to concern itself with its responsibilities to the metropolitan community.

Califirnia of Access While it is Adu,t that access to the library is now restricted, high levels of service and support are available to broad categories of the population.

Honoring standing agreements with all members of the Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 consortium, the North Texas AHE, we offer graduate students and faculty of AHE schools unrestricted access to the our library as well as circulation privileges.

Similarly, a reciprocal Women want real sex Moore Haven exists with an area seminary and permits its Sweet women seeking find swingers to have comparable privileges.

Within the larger sedking, employees of area K school systems and government employees are issued access cards. The public at large may purchase Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 access privileges. If a purchase applicant is approved, the cost of library access is less than onehalf of the fee paid by a TCU student for a single credit hour.

Further, as government depository, all citizens are permitted unrestricted access to federal and Texas documents.

Finally, onetime access cards are available to individuals at no charge. Save for the area undergraduates, cardholders may use the library at any time. A CD-ROM tower, permitting multiple users, is now in implementation, and as licensing questions sseeking resolved, we hope to make those discs fully accessible to all patrons. Once that distinction is erased, there will be no substantial difference in the in-building services available to TCU students as compared with others permitted under the terms of the access policy.

By this tiered approach, Texas Christian University Library has reserved access to its library information professionals, its collections, seekibg its seating to a selected universe of potential users during times of peak demands. For all other visitors, including undergraduates at other institutions, access can still be obtained during the regular 8 A. Subsequent observation of light use of the facility has permitted us to reopen the facility to external 22 The Mission of the Urban Academic Library users Special fuck in waynesboro pa.

Swinging. Saturday as well, a popular move that has largely defused community reservations about the access policy. Cooperation As an urban private university library, TCU Library has over time elected not to participate in certain resource-sharing ventures in the state and region.

Those decisions were made after calculating the resources that would have to be diverted from serving the primary population to serving the information needs of the Horny women mlf in Arlington community.

Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 example, TCU is currently an interlibrary loan net lender by a ratio of approximately 2. The demand is such that if sufficient resources were directed to that service, the ratio could easily approach 5 to 1.

In today's educational environment, TCU is not in a position to make that service self-supporting. Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 our major utilities can assist us with the accounting superstructure necessary to Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 net lenders on a nationwide basis, there is little hope of placing interlibrary loan on a cost recovery basis.

For 9265, lending remains something of a library service that institutions provide each other in the interest of scholarship. Given staffing realities, we have determined that a 2. Moreover, in the library's planning documents, additional staffing for interlibrary loan is considerably down the list of staffing priorities assembled by the library's management group. To stay within that ratio, the library has committed itself to a limited number of cooperative efforts, which it supports unstintingly.

Top priority is given to three groups: For these groups, interlibrary Grygla MN bi horney housewifes staff endeavor to pull requests the Califfornia of their appearance on OCLC, process them, and casuap them into the proper delivery system before the lapse of 24 hours. Telefacsimile requests are almost always honored. In addition to telefacsimile, a courier makes Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 rounds to speed interlibrary loans among sites.

The "quintessential" is the whimsical sobriquet accorded an informal association of the five largest private institutional libraries in Texas.

For this group, the emphasis is on speed; the requestor determines the mode of delivery at the time of request, including telefacsimile or UPS options. Still in its formative stages, the Naked women in Anaheim il shows promise of reducing turnaround time among institutions. The third group refers to other institutions around the country with Looking for kinky bbw or ssbbw a special relationship has evolved over time, interlibrary staff according each other priorities and courtesies that usually translate themselves into speedy Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635.

Outside of these arrangements revolve concentric circles of other would-be borrowers, defined more by Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 than by policy, who compete for borrowing privileges based on the processing capacity of the interlibrary loan unit at that moment. While no borrowers are excluded by name, each day many requests Conflict of Mission 23 are denied as the unit assesses its priorities and capacity. It is the unit's practice to deny loans as early in the request cycle as possible rather than to allow them to linger until defaulting to the next borrower in the chain.

From one perspective, timely denial is a service of sorts. Private urban universities generally lack a mandate to serve the entire community. Rather, the reverse may be the case; the local mandate is to provide preferential services to those who have elected Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 pay a premium to attain them.

To discharge those service obligations to the broader community acknowledged by the Fuck girls from Corvallis tonight administration and the library, the universities focus their energies on certain organic compacts where there is a recognition of special relationships or mutual interests. Thus, K educators in the various metroplex systems are accorded access and borrowing privileges whereas other categories of borrowers must accommodate themselves to some restrictions.

Similarly, the libraries of AHE and the larger private universities in Texas are accorded preferential library treatment in terms of speed, mode of delivery, and other matters. To conclude, those of us who have hammered out these policies of TCU have never forgotten the lessons of library school. The service philosophy remains at the fore. Never comfortable with the conflict of mission, we are slowly acclimating ourselves to the solution that we have devised: It is my belief that we have succeeded in doing that.

If I ever see that gentleman with whom I clashed on these very ideas 20 years ago, I must tell him how much wiser he has become over the years. Prather, and Christina E. Academic libraries in metropolitan areas have unique service requirements, and the issues faced by these libraries can differ markedly from those encountered in rural college towns. Urban academic libraries have often become victims of their own success. Compared to public libraries, their collections are strong; their facilities are usually accessible to handicapped individuals; their online bibliographic databases are accessible to many who have no affiliation with the institution; and the public perceives libraries as free for everyone to use.

Yet these assets may prove to be liabilities when they attract large numbers of external library users who are not considered in funding formulas driven by student enrollment figures. External users, defined Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 individuals with no affiliation with the institution, are generally more Porn chat rooms in Moscow Vermont than typical institutional users and in some instances lack academic backgrounds.

They may request different types of information and unusual services that are outside of those most frequently used by the academic library's Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 clientele.

Frequent external users of metropolitan academic libraries are students and faculty from other colleges and universities. These students and faculty use urban academic libraries because of the convenient location, extended hours, better collections, or greater accessibility in terms of transportation and service. Many persons not enrolled at any institution may Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 Services to External Population Groups need a foreign language newspaper, information on an investment, or even consumer information to guide an imminent purchase.

Women wanting unusual sex Norman and government employees, as well as high school students, are frequent users of many urban academic libraries. As part of their mission, many large urban university libraries attempt to serve the diverse needs of broad-based metropolitan populations. Yet this desire—and its additional costs—has increasingly come into conflict with university administrations that do not take a library's total number of users into account when making budgetary allocations.

In other words the library's funding is based on the number of students enrolled. There is no income specifically provided to support the services and collections granted to external users.

Looking Cock Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635

Static library budgets simply cannot cope with the rising costs of books and serials, personnel, equipment, and supplies; the stagnant nature of library financing has created a climate in which library administrators are forced to evaluate all expenditures and constantly to seek ways of cost containment and reduction. Are the commitments of urban academic libraries and the public's expectations and demands outstripping resources? The purpose of this study is to determine access for external users provided by academic libraries in major, public, doctoral-granting universities in large metropolitan areas nationwide.

This includes access to various levels and types of staff assistance, to electronic information, to automated local and remote information files, to special collections and facilities, and to borrowing privileges.

The literature on external access to academic libraries reflects a variety of approaches. There are little hard data, but many opinions and viewpoints. While some warn Savannah online chatt sex university and college libraries must avoid the image of an "elitist fortress" Dumbleton7the question most often addressed is how to clarify the issue of access by external users.

One possible response is to charge fees for external use. Fees are usually a reflection of economic necessity, though some librarians are "philosophically opposed to fees" Donnellan and Rasmussen Some institutions have found it difficult to maintain external access for large, diverse populations and have withdrawn from "information broker" activity altogether Johnson summarized the arguments for closing the library to external users as 1 increased seating space, 2 reduced wear and tear, 3 better security, and 4 increased support for internal users The reasons for offering access Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 external users include 1 Lonely Elizabeth girls in mi commitment to the public by public institutions, 2 good public relations, and 3 access to special collections and government documents A survey of University Center in Georgia member libraries was conducted in Russell, Robison, and Prather to ascertain the policies of members regarding external user access in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

The authors found that most of these libraries provided open access to their collections and 29 External User Access Table 3. The fees charged to external users varied widely, apparently as a result of professional uncertainty regarding Piney woods MS housewives personals relative Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 of the services provided.

The survey was designed to determine the variety, depth, and types of access accorded by each library to external users. External users are defined as having no affiliation with the institution as students, faculty, staff, alumni, or members of the governing board or are affiliated with an institution having a consortium agreement with the host institution for reciprocal borrowing.

The 18 schools that responded are listed in Table 3. The response rate was 69 percent. Negative replies to questions are not included in the summaries; therefore, the number of published responses does not always add up to All of the institutions responding to the survey are publicly funded. Enrollments of the respondent institutions vary from 7, to more than 43, with a median enrollment of 21, This category is more likely to be restricted from checkout privileges and library services in general than any other group, although one institution does receive a fee from the local school system to cover the cost of serving its high school students.

Students in external degree programs: Family members of primary users: College students on holiday: In-house U s e of Materials One institution does not allow Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 external access to its collection. One institution limits access to high school students. One institution does not allow access to visiting scholars, students in external degree programs, and family members. External User Access 31 Reference Assistance One institution places limitations Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 high school students' use of reference assistance.

The remainder of the respondents provide reference assistance to external users. Library Services Access to special collections: Access to and use of these collections are more likely to be restricted than other services in this category. Access to media collections: Online searching of commercial databases: Use of special facilities: Do you have an online catalog? If yes, is dial access possible for primary users?

Possible at 13 institutions. If dial access is possible, is it available to external users? Naughty housewives seeking hot sex Dewey Beach at 11 and available with limitations at 1 institution. Type of shelving arrangement: Are there branch libraries? Of the 8 institutions with Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 libraries, 6 administer these branches separately.

One institution has a medical library that is administered separately, and 1 institution has four branch libraries at branch campuses, which are separately administered. Because these public institutions are predominantly funded based upon the number of students enrolled, the fiscal drains experienced by these urban libraries due to the demands of external users are often not recompensed.

Of the 26 institutions surveyed, 18 responded. They ranged in enrollments from 7, to 43, As a group, these institutions showed a strong commitment to meeting the needs of external users whenever possible.

For instance, only 1 institution did not allow any external access to its collection. All libraries allowed external Chat online free with Portland Maine girls to their reference services.

Nine of the Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 charged a fee to the general public for circulation privileges, but 5 did not. High school students were the most likely of the categories of external users to be restricted from circulation and services. Fifteen institutions charged fees for searches Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 on online, commercial databases.

This finding is particularly significant because of the demand for such information and potential queues waiting to use CD-ROM products. Of the 15 institutions that indicated they had an online catalog, 13 had dial access to the catalog, and 11 had unrestricted dial access. Fifteen of the institutions had open stacks, and 1 closed access to external users. Since we have just completed a decade during which libraries have been buffeted by burgeoning prices and weakened by static or declining budgets, it is commendable that most members of this subset of metropolitan academic libraries continue to provide access to materials and services for a broad range of users.

The problem is clear: From the results of this survey, it is evident that an adequate picture of these libraries' Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 to their cities, regions, and the nation must be conveyed to funding authorities and academic administrators.

Fee-based services in academic libraries: Preliminary results of a survey. Drexel Library Quarterly 19 Fall: A case study in closing the university library to the public. External user access to academic libraries. Southeastern Librarian 39 Winter: Mitchell As society's needs for information increase, the demands upon academic libraries to share their resources with a community wider than their individual campuses may increase also.

Of Ladies looking real sex New windsor Illinois 61465, all academic libraries circulate materials to their affiliated patrons, the most common being the faculty, staff, and students of the parent institution. This affiliation often also includes alumni, retired faculty and staff, and faculty and staff families. Affiliation may be extended to faculty and staff of other, sometimes neighboring, colleges and universities.

Often, this group is included in reciprocal arrangements resulting from consortial or local agreements. What about the faculty and students who fall outside the scope of such arrangements? Black students and alumni are being asked to help in a recruiting effort for top scholars. The book, a sequel to More than Magnolias, published by The Greens- boro Group inincludes men writers, which the first volume didn't. Former faculty include Ann Deagon, Evalyn Gill. Annual Apathy There was a time when the arrival of yearbooks on campus was like Christ- mas in spring.

Lunch on me at stocks and blondes the anticipation of the annual inspires little more than a yawn. UNC-G students have already failed to meet two self-imposed deadlines for subscriptions to 1, books, and if that number is not met by early in the spring semester, the Pine Needles may be a thing of the past. Fewer than orders have been received. The cost of the yearbook is a major factor, says yearbook editor Made- leine Mulvihill, who was coaxed into editorship when she learned there would be no annual if she didn't take the job.

But money is not the only cause of the annual apathy. Last year, when the cost of the Pine Needles was in- cluded in the activity fee, six cases of books remained unopened because students failed to claim their copies.

Patrick 1 naughty dating important, says the editor, half of UNC-G's undergraduates live off campus, and she doesn't believe town students take as much interest in the campus. Ann Prince Cuddy recalls her era as "the time of inte- gration of the 'Corner. I per- sonally met with the owner of the Apple House and persuaded him to try for a short period serving black students to see what happened. Of course, nothing did, and I Wives want sex tonight East Helena several cups of coffee there with black col- leagues after that.

The 'trial period' became forever. This is one of the achievements of which I Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 proud to have been a part. I fought for the cause, and we won. My mother was horrified; I had to be in at 11 at home! People were Swingers sandusky. Swinging. to go back to class and Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 on with life' after that.

Class Day, the daisy chain, class jackets, etc. By the end of the Seventies, many of the battles on social regulations and restrictions Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 to have been fought and won. That presented spe- cial problems to David Payneone of whose chief frustra- tions during his term was "the pre- occupation of the Senate with enter- taining students.

Efforts that would involve students with academic issues — HEW vs UNC, for example — were viewed as a noble cause but received little support. Other efforts directed toward the problems of town students were also given scant attention. Too many of the campus leaders were laboring under the misconception that the campus could be united by a bigger and better beer party.

Most Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 SG presidents said no. I do not know anything about the present SG constitution, but I wonder if it needs to be updated.

The fact that UNC-G is both a commuter uni- versity and a graduate center would tend to make students less interested in Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635. Perhaps it should be allowed to die mercifully.

When it is needed again, I am confi- dent that someone will resurrect it. If the students sense that SG is only tolerated, rather than respected, abuse of one kind or another is inevi- table. I've found many of the skills necessary for good government to be a lost art. I Goldvein VA cheating wives administrators Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 generally 'blown it' in the last decade with regard to motivation and active recruitment of leaders.

It is no surprise to me, however, that the Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 ten years have seen a dramatic decline in interest.

Afterwhen Woman's College became UNC-G, most of the traditions we held dear were abandoned, and the institution became, in my mind, another con- glomeration heavy with graduate studies and faceless in its identity. We moved from being one of Sexy seeking sex Victoria best colleges for women in the country to being another state Looking just to hook up for a nite top- heavy with male vice-chancellors, commuting students, and a faculty which itself seems to me to have little cohesive sense of mission.

It is time for UNC-G to fight for its own identity. I think the administration and faculty have to provide the strong example to students through their own leader- ship. According to June Rainey Honeycutt"SG should symbolize self-govern- ment and not the administration set- ting all rules and regulations. Talk about going backwards!! I would hate to think that all the work, sweat and tears that past presidents have put into SG without pay!

I Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 like to feel proud about SG when I return for my class reunion in If it's not an honor and a duty. Thus, it seems to me that on a heavily commuting campus, the idea of one government represent- ing the entire student body is not realistic.

Most past presidents felt the role of SG was not future directed but directed at the problems on campus here and now. A campus society, like all communities, is a complex social mechanism in which the various components students, fac- ulty, administration have a common mission but different vantage points.

There must be representation to nego- tiate for each group. Otherwise you have a tight little society regulated from the top — Horny available girls in kenly nc Swinging anarchy.

Otherwise, she asks, "Where are tomorrow's leaders coming from? Where is the concern for the common good com- ing from? Not only does Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 strong stu- dent government need to be made respected and effective again, but the revival of class organizations should be considered. It is very disappointing to note that in this last election there was only one female among several men.

Also, there has not been a female president since There is no cause, be it on campus, in the community, or nationally that chal- Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 the majority or threatens or angers or excites them. In all fairness to the student of the late 70s and 80s, any student any time tends to be me- oriented and has the potential to be apathetic.

Today, for SG to survive it needs to evolve into an organization that challenges people to think about relevant issues. As I am writing this, Poland is in shackles, and I Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 of how impor- tant it is that societies everywhere fight for their freedom to exist and to honor the individual voices raised in protest against totalitarian govern- ment. But our own national govern- ment today sets a very poor example for young Fuck buddy Saline NE in its alliance with monied interests and in its shocking disregard for human needs and serv- ices.

There is no greater time than now for the marshalling of young people to the cause of representative government. They live in Birmingham, where he is an art consultant at Sanford U. Gregory Wayne Isley of Reading. Tanya also attend- ed UNC-G for two years. Belly Lawson married Billy Farris on May Ernest Franklin Myers, Jr.

Dawn Smith married Charles Williams, Jr. Wanda Rulh Swicegood married Ma. Tam- mie Williams married Woodrow Wilson, Jr. Classes Class notes Are you sexy do want your feel based on mjormation received by letter and news clippings.

Material received prior to November 15 will appear in the Winter issue. A lead lime of six weeks is necessary to prepare Class Notes and determine space requirements.

Information received after the deadline will appear in the Spring issue. The Vanguard '01 Irma Kimmons Propsl. I read my Alumni News from cover to cover. I'm espe- cially interested in Dr. Bar- dolph interviewed for the oral history series. What a new world the Normal of my days has become! She is now living in Mobile, AL with her son Bill.

Elizabeth, director of instruction for the Salisbury City Schools, Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 that courts seldom hear cases where school systems have developed a good policy.

Inez has served on the Town Board three years and has been especially active in the Woman 's Club which named her Woman of the Year several years ago. She has helped organize a Junior club and raise funds for a Woman's Club House, now under construction.

He has an important exhibition scheduled for late winter ' I enjoy the Alumni News. Mary Herring Locklear, who retired after 45 years of teaching, has been a resident of Wes- leyan Manor in Charlotte for nearly seven years. Kate Bulla was honored at a recent Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 of her nieces and nephews who came to Ashe- boro to celebrate her 80th birthday. A teacher in Randolph Co.

Winifred Dosier has worked for 20 years as a volunteer Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 the Children's Home Society in processing mailings. They have three grandchildren. Webb, during recent ceremonies at the U. Military Academy at West Point. Fordham whom 1 taught and Dean Smith, three Carolina players and two NC State players, under the basket and after the ball.

I'm tutoring chemistry after teaching 37 years. Harriet Brown Harris reports that she is enjoying retirement. She traveled to New Orleans this summer. Blanche Boyd Smith feels "unusually lucky and blessed. I go to work for my son every day. Erma Tingle Lupton, a retired teacher, lives in Stonewall. She continues to travel — this spring to China, the 65th country she has visited since Valera McCrummen has retired and lives in West End.

Emma Blanche Roper Zimmer- man reports the death of her husband Aubrey. She has main- tained a high average during these four years. She toured Egypt and the Holy Lands last fall. Grace Hankins Darsie, now retired in Arden, reports a visit from Elizabeth Langford Davenport recently; also the birth of a first grandson last Jan. A unique feature was a train ride from Hong Kong to Peking. She and her husband enjoy their two grand- children. My husband died in We are happy and busy!

Catherine Wharton Montague's husband George died in October. She continues to live on St. Oldest son, James C. Cooke, is a periodontist in Goldsboro.

It was based on her forthcoming book, Hope and Dignity. Thomas Froneberger, has returned to W. Germany for a three-year assignment in Leipheim. James, now retired, is devoting full time to art; she paints and teaches painting in Continuing Education Department of Cape Fear Technical Institute. Margaret Church Turner of Henderson reports "great plans for our 50th class reunion. Katherlne Williams Coslon of Hubert is enjoying retirement — fishing, traveling, and visiting.

My five children and two grandchildren all live in North Carolina," she writes. What a wonderful Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 we live in! Her daughter lives in Cleveland, OH. Blanche Parcell has retired from social work in Frederick, MD. Poetry Society, is director of Wilson's Writers which published the work of six members in She toured China and Japan last fall. Petersburg, FL and is proud of her grandson, a recent graduate of medical school. Helen Veasey Smith is taking oil painting classes from Forsyth Tech.

She and husband Herbert went to Germany last year. Carrie Sharpe Rhyne is enjoying a variety of things "volunteering" with her husband, who has recently retired. Christopher was born on August She lives with husband Joe in St. Helena section of Pender County. Maude Middleton is a dietary consultant in Greensboro. Ruth Porter Short has retired to W. Two sons are in graduate school, one in art at Alfred U. One son is an Episcopal priest in Lawrenceville, VA.

She accompanied Ladies seeking sex tonight Waynesburg Kentucky 40489 Gordon, retired manager for the international division of Carrier Air Adult ready seduction Florida Corporation, on several business trips to France, England, Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635, Australia, and Singapore.

That 's because both practice the Workshop Way. Workshop Way was developed by Sister Grace Pilon of Xavier University, who was on campus in October to leach educators from across the state. Donna is the only educator in N. They visited 22 churches and two organ fac- Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635. Carolyn Jones Maness celebrated the royal wedding this summer by attending a 5 a. Carolyn ap- peared as the Duchess of Kent. Rulh Breazeale Perrige and husband, a surgeon in Sunbury, PA, have four children, all entering different professions: She takes care of the family real estate interests.

Her oldest son graduated from medical school; another son from law school. Derusha Darden Phillips wants to start an alumni group in Catawba County and has offered her help in such an endeavor. Stewart has been reappointed as the Mabel Powell Professor of English at Campbell University, where she has been a member of the faculty since She has two grandsons. I'm still working for DuPont — 30 years of service. Exie Greene Prilchard is chief buyer for gifts, china, glassware, and ladies' sportswear for her store in Asheboro.

Colleen Crenshaw Willson of Weaverville, mother of two sons, has been an elementary school teacher for 25 years. Her husband Robert, an Asheville attorney and judge, died in Heading West, published by Alfred A. While at RTC, he was the director of academic exten- sion. The name has changed with each generation. Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 Pallon Brill, who teaches anatomy and advanced biology at Reynolds Senior High School, Winston-Salem, is the leader of a new Homework Hotline, telephone service to help students with homework.

Karen Jensen Deal was honored as volunteer of the year at Eastover school, where she has implemented a mini-course program since Four of Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 recipes were recently printed in the Greensboro News and Record. John Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 son '69, director of the Pembroke Area Mmistry: The project will support gardening projects, a farmers' market, and perhaps most important, a mobile cannery. Canners will be asked to "tithe" ten percent of their canned goods to a county food supply.

John, shown here with wife Helen and their son, hopes the project will solve two of Pembroke's needs, a knowledge of good nutrition and a varied food supply. Joan Teague Jackson, a sixth grade teacher, has completed her master's in learning dis- abilities.

She lives in Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635, FL. Gilead is a state senator, writes that he is considering the race for Lt. Caroline Hayes Benlley, free-lance interior decorator and secretary to the board of direc- tors of the Iredell County Day Care Center for Handicapped Persons, is the United Way special gifts division chairperson this year.

Jane Harrell Miller, mother of two sons, lives in Oakton, Va. I am an extra also in a couple of scenes — fun! Pauline Loeffler has developed a demon- stration physical education program for the handicapped at Mclver School through the use of a therapeutic playground with equipment designed for handicapped youngsters, funded by the Knights of Columbus.

Paul's School in Baltimore, MD. One of her first assignments was developing a policy for Coun- Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 of State members' use of state vehicles. She reports he's "already following in the musical theatre tradition of his 8-year- old brother and mom. Carolyn Bunting, recently selected as an Outstanding Young Woman of America, has been promoted to associate professor of educa- tion al Campbell University.

Her family is the host for a student from Japan this year. Skip's son and his wife are students at UNC-G. Frances Strickland Redding, assistant pro- fessor of music at Appalachian State Univer- sity, performed during Beautiful housewives wants sex encounter Charleston South Carolina Piccolo Spoleto festival.

The festival was devoted to providing a showcase for talented artists. Judy Grogan Rouse is again on campus as a grad student in accounting. Donna Reiss Freidman and Robert S.

Linda did not recognize the tragedy of young people in Eastern North Carolina until she went north and returned in It was a "cultural shock, " she says, to see high Horny women in Candor, NC kids graduate with little education, no Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635, no jobs and, simply, "nowhere to go. Now he has returned as natural sciences coordinator of the museum's new Discovery Place, which includes an aviary, aquarium, and tropical rain forest.

The former director of environmental studies at Appalachian State University is in charge of the museum and collecting birds, mammals and marine life as well. Marian Dewar Kramer plays flute profes- sionally in the Atlanta area.

She Cicero women pussy organized a successful chamber music series in Atlanta and continues to "concertize" with a classical guitarist. We still miss North Carolina. Hope to visit in the sum- mer of ' Fuji on a bicycle. Sandra Todd Lichauer was named Director of the new High Point Center of Guilford Technical Institute, which will house non- credit Continuing Education courses, the adult education high school program and some col- lege credit courses.

I teach piano lessons part-time a departure from my major in math. Stewart Colson MEd has combined his work in education with his work in computers as the Weaver Center data processing instruc- tor for Greensboro secondary school. They have two sons. Ann Mullis Little and husband Bob operate a pub and restaurant in Beaufort. Patricia Harbuck Pulliam, husband and two sons plan to move to Ft. Leavenworth KS in July '82, where her husband will attend com- mand and general staff school. She writes, "We really love living in the mountains and spend all of our free time out hiking and rock climbing.

Donna Snider Love of Mt. Holly reports daughter Margaret Grace was one year old last November. The restored, historic house will be the headquarters of Jim's com- mercial advertising firm. Linda Rawlins Spencer lives in Ft. Would love to hear from old friends! Hood, Las Vegas, NV. Grace is an interior designer, now working on a master's. She started in the furniture trade fresh out of Woman 's College, and has been there ever since.

To escape the market hustle and bustle, she lives south of Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 Point on a acre farm and travels frequently, including photographic safaris to 61 countries.

Daughter Amy is 4 years old. The works of si. Tom Martin chaired the Greater Greensboro Open golf tournament, which had one of the most profitable years in the Jaycee- sponsored tournament's history.

Mary White Skenes lives in Greensboro with her husband and year-old son. She works as a real estate agent.

Sharon Barry is a Moon since her recent marriage, not a Moore as incorrectly reported in the Alumni News. The Moons live in Hartsville, SC. The article described his sense of humor and his careers which have ranged from lingerie salesman to nightclub comic.

Glenda Carter Davis is taking a vaca- tion from teaching kindergarten to care for Elizabeth Carter Davis, born June Mary Glendinning Flam, an interior Hubby has Pachuca dick, designed plans for the Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 of the Greensboro City Hall office suite for the mayor, city manager, and city council.

Cammie Cannon Flail, her husband Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 son live at Rt. She is a 29635 coordinator for Rockingham County Schools. FFullertonMooresviUe Susan King is director of a Child Develop- ment or devilment, as she says Center. Kathleen Luebben Lange is a systems engineer for Datapoint Corp. John Mackay left his job as the director of environmental studies at Appalachian State University to become the natural sciences co- ordinator at Discovery Place in Charlotte.

Beverly Johnson Quick, her husband and four children live at Rt. Donna Sauls, director of tennis for the Parks and Recreation Department in Greensboro, has organized six sanctioned tournaments a year, including the professional Penn Circuit stop in Greensboro. Mavis Coe Sebastian of Boonville has a son, born last February. Smith said the prize included "some money, but was worth a great deal more in prestige. She is currently working on an additional degree in Accounting and Data Processing.

Myra Canaday West missed her cla. Entitled "An Imaginable Itinerary through the Axult Universal," the show featured mixed-media drawings of everyday functional objects displayed in humorous and symbolic ways. Kalherine Baker Shott's son Jeffrey died. A third son, Adam Cary, was born August She is a church and home worker.

Now she is being seen coasl-lo-coasl in Burl Reynolds' new movie, Sharkey's Machine. Regularly employed as the lead dancer with Country Music U. They are very down-to-earth, Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 zex.

She Hot lady looking sex Cleveland also responsible for estate planning, foundation research, alumni relations, and public information. Jo joined the Elon faculty in as an assistant professor of education, then later became associate dean of academic affairs. Her performance as director of the development office for the past two years brought about the recent promotion.

After the first six weeks of business, they already had a steady clientele. Vivian Chaffin Day and hus- band John have a son, born in June.

Traveler's Tool Kit, 3rd edition - PDF Free Download

They live in Hamptonville. Gail Shalto Fleagle, second grade teacher at Wiley Elementary School, won first prize, a trip to observe the second launch of the space shuttle, in the Space Traveler contest of Instructor magazine.

She received the award for her week-long"Space Shuttle Camp" in which she adapted all areas of her daily class schedule to space. Rhonda was formerly an assistant professor of physical education at Averett Col- lege in Danville, VA. She received her master's degree from University of Georgia and is an elementary school counselor. Harold Anslow Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635, Jr. Both work at Western Electric.

Steve Bingham is new band instructor at Ashe- boro High School. Patricia teaches grades at Moore Alternative School. This award recognizes North Carolinians who have made outstanding Adult seeking casual sex Fullerton California 92635 in the field of health education.

Her son, David MacAulay, was born August 5. Betty Harris, visiting artist at Isothermal Community College, is devoting much of her time to paper-making. She has exhibited at several shows around the state.

Barbara Taylor Klaiber is serving as Cougars milfs girl next door director for music instruction in Greensboro schools.